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5 Top Platform Picks for Traders

Whether you are a young college student or a fully-fledged businessperson, you may have heard a lot about trading. It is a rapidly-growing industry that attracts more and more people every year.

The term trading means exchanging one thing for another. Several years ago, this word implied mainly trading goods for money, while currently, it is associated mainly with making long-term investments.

According to the information offered by Business Insider, stock trading is a promising industry that presupposes buying and selling stocks, trying to time the market. The core purpose of the stock traders is to capitalize on short-term market events selling their stocks for profit or purchasing them at a low. At this point, it is key to mention that there are different types of trading, with day trading being the most popular. Day traders tend to be passionate about what they are doing, so they spend a lot of time buying and selling stocks during a single day.

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At this point, it is inevitable to mention that the critical part of the trader’s success is an opportunity to estimate the patterns in trading data. It takes a lot of time, so you should be confident you can always address someone, asking, “Will you write my papers for me?” Once you succeed with this aspect, you will have a chance to dive into other aspects of the process.

Technical analysis is one of the fundamental points here that can eliminate emotion from trading decisions, enhancing your chance to succeed. Besides, it is critical to note that a quality trading analysis system can help you to locate new trading opportunities.

While all the aspects of the process are pretty clear for experienced traders, they can be exceptionally challenging for newcomers who have never had a similar experience. At this point, you need to be patient, determined, and goal-oriented to start with the basics and proceed to more complicated aspects. Plan your time, deal with other projects and assignments you have, ask your friends, “who can write my essay for me” and immerse yourself in the trading industry. Browsing the web, you will find a lot of helpful information about the relevant technical analysis tools, core principles of their functioning, and tips for successful trading.

Besides, the inexperienced trader should learn about computer programs that can facilitate the trading of financial products. The innovative trading software tools will help you trade the assets without any risks. Check out some of the most popular options that will make your first steps in trading easy and beneficial.


As the name implies, Lightspeed is a platform intended for active traders. The downloadable program is easy-to-navigate, convenient, and safe, making the trading experience easy and profitable. The Lightspeed Trader program offers a plethora of helpful features, with the customizable and adjustable live market scanner being one of the most appreciated. The purpose of the LightScan is to detect the most relevant and lucrative trading opportunities. The platform analyzes the whole universe of stocks in order to display symbols that correspond to your preferences and requirements. The service offers over 100 different criteria you can choose from.


The versatile, simple, and convenient tool provides users with access to the most beneficial and appreciated trading platforms in less than a few minutes. ZuluTrade is not only the platform that contributes to comfortable trading, it is the service that makes it risk-free.


Statistical modeling of beneficial trading strategies, technical analysis, and a wide array of other options become no-brainers with TradeStation. The platform can be downloaded to the desktop for even more convenient and fast use. An innovative option provides users with an impressive charting capability based on the specified data. All the processes here are automated, displaying the most lucrative technical patterns. Trade Station is surely one of the most advantageous options for both new and experienced traders who strive to achieve considerable success in the industry.


Similar to other trading software options, eToro is a unique platform for traders who strive to learn more about up-to-date trading tools, new trends, and effective strategies. In fact, it is the most influential social trading application that is characterized by the intuitive interface, customizable features, and maximum safety. The service unites traders from more than 140 countries that have the same passion for trading. With over 2000 financial instruments available, eToro seems to be the most powerful platform that is getting increasingly appreciated by users.


Similar to eToro, TradingView is another social network that provides new and experienced traders to share their ideas, learn from one another and gain more knowledge and skills in the area. Ultimate convenience, unique features, and impressive tools make TradingView stand out from the crowd of competitors.

By Eva Thaler