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Trader Digest: Atomic Superyacht

This week in Trader Digest a scientist wants to create a nuclear-powered ship to raise environmental awareness, Deliveroo shares rallied 3% after a terrible IPO, and the Godfather’s house is up for sale...


Betfred: Blackjack Player Wins £1.7m Jackpot After High Court Battle
‘A Betfred punter denied a £1.7m jackpot over an alleged software glitch has won a legal battle to claim the winnings.’ BBC

The Godfather House Is Back On the Market – and It’s Had a Whopping Price Chop
‘Beverly House is almost as famous as the many films that were shot there, including cult favourite The Godfather and 1990s hit, The Bodyguard’. THE SPACES

Atomic Superyacht to Offer $3 Million Eco-Tours With Scientists
‘A nuclear-powered ship full of scientists, activists and billionaires, sailing the world and examining the state of the oceans.’ BLOOMBERG

‘Technology’ Is the Most Useless Word in the English Language
‘Has the descriptor “technology” exhausted its usefulness? Facebook, DoorDash, and Qualcomm are all, in day-to-day parlance, tech companies. But they’re very different businesses.’ BLOOMBERG

The Trader: Quiet End To a Record-Breaking Week For UK Markets
‘How much further can British indices rally?’ INVESTORS CHRONICLE

Refinitiv’s Trading Services Hit By 5-Hour Outage
‘Refinitiv, the data and trading provider owned by London Stock Exchange Group, suffered a five-hour outage on Thursday that knocked out some of its most widely used services.’ FINANCIAL TIMES

Deliveroo Shares Rally a Touch on First Day Of Full Trading After Disaster IPO
‘Deliveroo shares rallied 3% today on their first full trading day after last week’s spectacular collapse in what was dubbed the worst London stock market flotation ever.’ EVENING STANDARD


Remembering the Brixton Riots 40 Years On
‘In April 1981, a simmering tension between the police and Brixton’s black community erupted in violence. Forty years, on Aamna Modhin revisits that weekend with those who witnessed the events unfolding’ THE GUARDIAN

Slavoj Žižek on the Future of Capitalism
‘When GameStop shares skyrocketed earlier this year, numerous pundits were quick to ascribe political significance to the whole thing. Was it a rebellion? Was it class warfare in the spirit of Occupy Wall Street?’ BLOOMBERG


Louis Theroux Shooting Joe Exotic
‘A decade on, Louis revisits Joe Exotic - 'gay hillbilly', convicted felon and cult figure. He digs deep into Joe's background, meets Carole Baskin and asks what made the Tiger King.’ BBC