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Trader Digest: Mars Landing

This week in Trader Digest we watched NASA land their most sophisticated rover on Mars, Elon Musk is out to purchase Wu-Tang Clan, and a 93-year-old woman wages war on JPMorgan...


Elon Musk Launches SPAC to Purchase Wu-Tang Clan With Bitcoin
‘The Special Purpose Acquisition Company or SPAC was said to have raised over $350 billion and will be trading under the ticker symbol “CREAM”.’ VALUE WALK

‘We Got Lucky’: Hedge Funds That Cashed in on the Reddit Rally
‘Retail investors who dealt a black eye to hedge funds betting against the price of stocks including GameStop last month also delivered years’ worth of gains in a matter of days to a handful of other fund managers.’ FINANCIAL TIMES

NASA Nails Historic Mars Landing in Hunt for Ancient Life
‘NASA successfully landed its largest and most sophisticated science rover on Mars, as the spacecraft Perseverance touched down in an ancient river delta that may contain signs of whether the planet ever harbored microbial life.’ BLOOMBERG

At 93, She Waged War on JPMorgan—and Her Own Grandsons
‘Beverley Schottenstein was 93 years old when she decided to go to war with the biggest bank in the U.S.’ BLOOMBERG

Goldman Sachs to Offer Its Investing Know-How to the Masses
‘Elite Wall Street firm unveils Marcus Invest, a robo-advisory wealth-management platform’ THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Deliveroo Pencils in 8 March to Unveil Blockbuster Float
‘Deliveroo is poised to fire a formal starting gun on a blockbuster stock market flotation early next month, making it the first in a string of British technology "unicorns" to go public in 2021.’ SKY NEWS


Why Most Value Managers Are Getting It All Wrong
‘As you might have heard, so-called value investing has not had a good run.’ BLOOMBERG

Freshwater Part 1: Are the Wrong Men in Jail?
‘In 2011, five men were sentenced to a total of 104 years for conspiracy to import £53m worth of cocaine. They have always said they are innocent.’ THE GUARDIAN


‘At some point the past has to die. Doesn't it? Starring James Nesbitt.’ BBC

NASA Science Live: We Landed on Mars  YOUTUBE