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Trader Digest: The Chinese Takeover of Wentworth Golf Club

This week in Trader Digest we take a look at one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world, Lex Greensill loses his title of billionaire, and the Bank of America reaps the benefits of the Texas blackouts....


How Birkenstock’s Hippie-Sandal CEO Jilted an Ex-Goldman Star
‘As Christmas Eve approached last year, Germany’s savviest dealmaker thought he’d pocketed a special gift.’ BLOOBMERG

Inside Pfizer’s Fast, Fraught, and Lucrative Vaccine Distribution
‘It’s not every day that a head of government goes to the airport to greet a cargo shipment, but the pandemic has changed many things.’ BLOOMBERG

Lex Greensill Exits Billionaire Ranks as His Empire Unravels
‘Lex Greensill has a new title: ex-billionaire.’ MSN NEWS

The Rich Vs The Very, Very Rich: The Wentworth Golf Club Rebellion
‘When a Chinese billionaire bought one of Britain’s most prestigious golf clubs in 2015, dentists and estate agents were confronted with the unsentimental force of globalised capital’ THE GUARDIAN

GameStop Frenzy Emboldens Supporters of Stock-Trading Tax
‘Proponents say tax could help fund infrastructure programs, while Wall Street groups contend it would hurt investors’ THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Bank of America Reaps Trading Windfall During Texas Blackouts
‘Bank of America gained hundreds of millions of dollars in trading revenue when the Texas electric grid failed in a winter storm last month, highlighting the upside for Wall Street from mayhem that knocked out power and heat across the state, industry executives and traders said.’ FINANCIAL TIMES


Disrupting The Hospital
‘Could a piece of high-tech cloth keep Covid-19 patients out of hospital and allow them to be monitored at home?’ FINANCIAL TIMES

The Lawyer Who Fought to Free Guantánamo's Highest-Value Detainee
‘By the time Mohamedou Ould Salahi was brought from his home in Mauritania to the Guantánamo Bay detention facility in Cuba in 2002, he had already experienced a series of harsh interrogations in Jordan and Afghanistan. Now he was in the hands of the Americans he thought his experience might improve, but he quickly discovered he was wrong.’ THE GUARDIAN


Banksy and the Rise of Outlaw Art
‘Banksy, the world’s most infamous street artist, whose political art, criminal stunts an daring invasions have outraged the establishment for over two decades.’ AMAZON

I Am Woman
‘In the 1960s, Australian singer Helen Reddy struggles with misogyny in the music business — until she records an anthem for the women's movement.’ NETFLIX