TrumpPhoto: Charles Deluvio (Unsplash)

Trader Digest: Trump Impeachment Round Two

This week in Trader Digest, President Donald Trump is on the verge of being impeached for a second time following the storming of the Capitol, Elon Musk has overtaken Jeff Bezos as the richest man in the world, and David Attenborough returns to our screens with another incredible series...


Pelosi Says House Will Vote to Impeach Trump Unless Pence Acts
‘The House will take up a resolution to impeach President Donald Trump for the second time in less than two years unless Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment this week to remove him from office, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.’ BLOOMBERG

The joys of being an absolute beginner – for life
‘The phrase ‘adult beginner’ can sound patronising. It implies you are learning something you should have mastered as a child. But learning is not just for the young’ THE GUARDIAN

Maga v BLM: how police handled the Capitol mob and George Floyd activists – in pictures
‘The contrast between the law enforcement reaction to the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday [6th January] and the suppression of peaceful protests in the summer is not just stark – it is black and white.’ THE GUARDIAN

Tesla's Elon Musk Overtakes Amazon's Jeff Bezos as World's Wealthiest Person
‘Elon Musk has overtaken Inc. founder Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest person, driven by a meteoric rise in the value of Tesla Inc., the electric-car maker he runs.’ THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

The Lab-Leak Hypothesis
‘For decades, scientists have been hot-wiring viruses in hopes of preventing a pandemic, not causing one. But what if …?’ NEW YORK MAG


How Europe's Economy Changed After the Black Death
‘It's been pointed out that, after the Black Death in Europe, real wages surged because there was such a shortage of labor in the aftermath. But what was the structure of the economy that allowed this transfer of power to workers in the first place?’ BLOOMBERG

What’s your financial New Year’s resolution in 2021?
‘The pandemic has forced everyone to reexamine their finances, whether it’s dealing with a pay cut, how to best use cash from staying home, managing the ups and downs of investment markets or using this time to make a career change.’ FINANCIAL TIMES


A Perfect Planet
‘Our planet is one in a billion. How incredible, awe-inspiring life is driven by its natural forces - and how we can ensure humans become a force for good.’ BBC

The Serpent
‘A hidden darkness on Asia's hippie trail. The twisting, real-life story of a murderer, thief and seductive master of disguise.’ BBC