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Trader Digest: Trump's Comeback

This week in Trader Digest, Donald Trump is fighting his way back to the limelight in true Trump form, China’s massive debt could get a lot worse, and a there is a new trend of stress management.


Trump is Returning to Social Media in a Few Months With His Own Platform, Spokesman Says
‘Former President Donald Trump is coming back to social media -- but this time with his own network, a Trump spokesperson told Fox News on Sunday.’ CNN BUSINESS

An Extreme Method for Stress Management Pushes for the Mainstream
‘Wim Hof’s technique of using physical discomfort—like ice baths—to improve mind and body is gaining popularity as it seeks scientific acceptance’ THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
China’s $2.3 Trillion Hidden Debt Could Climb Even Further
‘China’s local governments had 14.8 trillion yuan ($2.3 trillion) of hidden debt last year, and the figure could climb even further this year, according to a government-linked think tank.’ BLOOMBERG

The Missed Business Opportunity That is Pro Tennis
‘A sport that leaves even elite athletes taking second jobs has a new players group led by Novak Djokovic wanting to fix its economics. If only it were so simple.’ BLOOMBERG

Tesla Must Rehire Fired Worker and Elon Musk Must Delete Anti-Union Tweet, NLRB Rules
‘The National Labor Relations Board on Thursday ordered Tesla Inc. to reinstate an employee it fired in 2017 and said Chief Executive Elon Musk must remove a three-year-old tweet urging against unionizing.’ MARKET WATCH

Online Trading Platform AvaTrade Places Bet On £700m London Float
‘Dublin-based AvaTrade has hired bankers to prepare the ground for an IPO later this year.’ SKY NEWS


Spying in the Digital Age
‘How should we respond to the SolarWinds and Microsoft hacks?’ FINANCIAL TIMES

Europe's Third Wave of Covid
‘A third wave of coronavirus infections is now raging across Europe, with the British variant (B117) dominating new infections. The World Health Organization said the number of cases on the continent had risen on average by 12% in a week, but in some countries the rise has been much larger.’ THE GUARDIAN


Six Minutes to Midnight
‘Step inside an English finishing school housing the daughters of prominent Nazi Germans 17 days before the start of WWII.’ SKY