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Trader Digest: What’s the Next GameStop?

This week the world of trading has been dominated by the remarkable story of GameStop, and people are looking to The Big Short for answers. Elsewhere, Lionel Messi has signed an insane contract, and WallStreetBets have a little song for us...


Gamestop: People Are Watching The Big Short to Try and Understand the Wall Street vs Reddit Saga
‘Adam McKay’s comedy-drama The Big Short is experiencing a surge in interest amid the ongoing battle between Wall Street and redditors.’INDEPENDENT

Young Women of Colour Navigate the Risky World of Forex Trading
‘For 21-year-old Lina Khalid, it’s her grandmother’s dream of visiting Mecca that drives her while trading currency.’ THE GUARDIAN

The Hard-Partying, Rock-Obsessed Nurse at the Center of a Massive Opioid Bust
‘You need to be a certain kind of person to want a reality-TV show about yourself. Jeffrey Young was one of those people.’ THE ATLANTIC

How to Find the Next Moonshot Stock, According to ‘Roaring Kitty’
‘Keith Gill, the man who inspired the infamous GameStop trade, says value investing isn’t dead, and shoots for 100% in annual returns.’ BLOOMBERG

Lionel Messi’s Contract With Barcelona Worth $674 Million: Mundo
‘Lionel Messi, the superstar striker with FC Barcelona, will earn more than 555 million euros ($674 million) from his current contract with the top Spanish soccer team.’ BLOOMBERG

Yellen Thanks Rapper Behind Hamilton-Style Song About Her: 'Your Tune is Money'
‘Janet Yellen, who was sworn in Tuesday as the first-ever female Treasury secretary, took to social media to thank rapper Dessa for releasing a "money" song in her honor.’ THE HILL

Things That Are Different in Europe
‘In Europe, they don’t eat dinner until eleven-thirty at night. Small children and the elderly are roused from a deep sleep to come down for dinner and are made to eat six-course meals’ THE NEW YORKER


Conversations With Kids About Coronavirus
‘Children across the UK talk about how the pandemic has affected their lives’ THE GUARDIAN


The Tendieman has come.