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The Psychology Behind Playing The Lottery

The past decade saw online casino companies join the ranks of e-commerce royalty. Never before have online casinos, lotteries, egaming, esports, and virtual events reached this level. On Lottoland’s Website, you’ll find this is beyond anything we’ve seen before. If you are one of their 13 million clients worldwide, you are part of their community. estimates the industry will grow an additional 228.43 Billion by 2026. What is it about playing the lottery that makes a person return? Some of the reasons are built into our nature. Read on to see how.

Psychological reasons to play the lottery

Near Misses
We know the odds against us picking the numbers are astronomical. But, sometimes, we have a “near miss.” Maybe a number was drawn that you almost chose but didn’t. Perhaps the numbers drawn were really close to your selection. In your mind, you are getting closer. Your mind tells you to try again. You almost got that one. Of course, there is no such thing as “almost won.” But our minds conceive it differently. The human brain releases the same reward chemicals with a near-miss as for a hit. It gives us hope for future success.

Understanding huge numbers
Robert Williams, a Professor of gambling, explains that people have not evolved enough to understand huge numbers clearly.

This comes into play when we are considering the odds of a game we are going to play. We have an excellent concept of having a one in one-hundred chance or even a one in ten thousand chance. But when we speak of odds of one in three million or one in two hundred million, our brains filter that out. It is astronomical, so to the brain, they are both categorized mentally as “long shots.”

Of course, if pressed, a person can explain and understand the difference, but it is just too far out to wrap our brains around. People almost go for a random choice based on the prize when faced with the decision.

The way we retain information
When something sensational happens, it is talked about on the news, in magazines, on social media, and by people. Why? Because it is usually a rare and shocking event. For example, let’s say a shark got too close to shore on a beach and injured a swimmer. This is big news which everyone will talk about.

They will speak of the same thing that happened a few years ago in another place. It is something that will register in the swimmer's brain. It will be noted in our minds that sharks can attack people on a beach.

The same thing happens when someone wins a massive jackpot in a lottery. The talk is everywhere. We will read about it, and then we will read about the last time it happened and where. It will register in our minds that people hit jackpots.

We will never read a headline, “No sharks attacked the beach today.” That is not news. So, our original thought is retained. Sharks attack on the beach. More people win smaller prizes on a jackpot than those who win the big one. Some people do not win. But, our mental registry tells us we can win. Someone else won. Someone will win. I may be the someone who will win.

Photo: Dylan Nolte (Unsplash)

The Cost Factor
When we pay money for job training, education in a specific career field, or even to buy a movie ticket, we consider that our cost factor. The brain tells us that we have spent the money and it cannot be recovered, so we must go for what it was intended.

You pursue a career in a field you may have wished you hadn’t chosen. You go to the movie, even though you heard it was a bust, and your date doesn’t want to go. Essentially, you feel obligated to make the most of your invested money. In a way, this can happen in a lottery too.

The difference in playing online is if you decide you no longer want to bet the lottery you came to see. You can use the funds for any other lottery, casino game, or sporting event or leave it in your account for another day. So, while your psychology may be nudging you, you have other options.

Psychology affects everything we do and say. It is always in the background, watching and growing. Adults understand the difference between playing for fun and excitement and being driven to something. We encourage you to visit Lottoland. It is designed for recreation in a fast-paced, delightful industry. You will find safeguards put in place for your protection. Visit the Lottoland Community, and see what you have been missing.