Introducing... Sobro Coffee Table

Ask a trader what they'd buy following a dream month in the markets, and their answers are likely to vary between watches, cars, holidays and houses. Few, if any, are likely to say coffee table.

But that can only be because they haven't seen the Sobro Coffee Table yet. Designed and produced by New York-based Storebound, who aim to produce "furniture made cooler", the Sobro is designed for the connected lifestyle that most of us - and especially traders - now lead.

With a refrigerated drawer to keep food and drinks chilled and within reach, bluetooth speakers that can link up to your phone or laptop's Spotify account, and charging ports to ensure you're never short of juice, Storebound claim this represents the furniture of the future. As if to hammer home that point, the table even includes mood-setting ambient LED-lighting.

But don't get too excited just yet if you're wondering how to get your mitts on one - the project is currently live on Indiegogo as it crowdfunds its way through prototype and testing stages, but with $1,289,181 total funds raised so far, surpassing their their $1m target, the Sobro should become a reality before long. Shipping for its initial backers is on target for September.

Currently the Sobro ships only to the US and Canada, so those in the UK looking for the (quite literally) coolest coffee table going should stay tuned to the Indiegogo page for more details.

For more info on the Sobro Coffee Table, head to the Indiegogo page here