Photo: Sam Pak (Unsplash)

The Ultimate Trader’s Guide to At-Home Gaming

What Makes a Great Gaming Set-Up

Everyone has their favourite pastimes. For many, it’s unwinding with the wonder of a good video game. With the information and know-how, enterprising professionals can upgrade their current set-up to the high tech gaming rig of their dreams.

When it comes to interior design, everyone has different tastes. Some prefer the minimal approach, keeping their workspaces open and clean. Others go for nostalgic and even kitsch design, adorning their stations with bobbleheads and gaming memorabilia, with not a patch of clear space in sight.

In any case, there are certain standards everyone seems to appreciate when it comes to crafting a reliable gaming set-up. For example, creating a set-up that is also a multi-functional workspace is especially useful for anyone who need to be smart about their spatial distribution.

Gaming Set-Up Design

To minimise clutter and keep business and pleasure separate, we suggest investing in a desk with spacious drawers to keep accessories like game controllers, headsets, keyboards, and mice in their designated areas.

Designers also suggest getting a transparent or light-coloured desk to create the illusion of having more space than it seems. Dark-coloured furniture, on the other hand, often appears larger and bulkier.

You could also consider mounting monitors and gaming consoles to free up more desk space. This further helps your posture because you can then place your monitor at eye-level. A mounted display also adds immersion for gaming and movie-watching, perfect for solo suggestions or with guests.

Photo: Sam Pak (Unsplash)

The Best Gadgets for Your Gaming Set-Up

Just as interior design taste depends from person to person, the same goes for gadget preferences. In spite of this, we’ve rounded up the highest-rated gadgets that we believe everyone should consider to get the most out of their space.

An epic trading screen, for starters, maximizes your viewing experience. Samsung’s 49" CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor’s stunning resolution enhances graphics and colour beyond proportion. Since different gamers favour different genres, with some preferring traditional titles like slots games, and others enjoying the enveloping drama of an action-adventure game, it’s best to get a monitor that can deliver a high quality picture whatever the game.

Many developers like Ubisoft, and gaming platforms like Pokerstars Casino, have been aiming to deliver increasingly captivating and innovative graphics with their titles. In recent years, Megaways slots and indie games like Control have demonstrated the way a crisp display will change how people experience gaming. What’s more, due to its impressive size, traders can reduce the number of screens in their space to optimise their workflow.

With all this talk about powerful monitors, we can’t forget about GPUs (graphics processing units). These small yet powerful components deliver an impressive amount of horsepower, giving you the true next-gen gaming experience. VR-compatible, the Nvidia GEFORCE GTX is a no-brainer for any serious gamer. It can handle up to 5 screens at a time and is packed with USB slots for all the plug-ins professionals need. Did we mention it’s 4K?

Last but not least, audio often makes or breaks a gaming experience. To create an immersive gaming atmosphere that also works for watching films or simply jamming out while working, we recommend investing in a high-quality stereo system. While sound equipment still occupies lots of space due to the nature of what it requires to produce great sound, we recommend Polk Audio OWM3 Wall and Bookshelf Speakers. It’s the most lightweight system while still providing excellent audio quality. It’s also easy to wall mount and integrates well into any gaming set-up.

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Being a hard worker doesn’t make an amazing entrepreneur. It takes enjoyment and pleasure to make anybody appreciate their work. According to Forbes, the element of play boosts productivity by 20%. That’s because play allows creative, out-of-the-box thinking sellers need to excel. Playing also helps people learn to collaborate with others and most importantly, encourages relaxation and happiness.

Productivity is one of the most important parts of trading. Having a multi-functional set-up that works both as an effective workstation and as a gaming haven just might be the key to increasing both business and pleasure.