Infographic: Top 10 Sports Events to Attend Before You Die

sports events Infographic: Top 10 Sports Events to Attend Before You Die. Photo: Mitch Rosen (Unsplash)

If you’re among the many traders who like to spend your free time watching sport on TV, then this new survey may spark some inspiration for the next sporting event you want to attend in person.

With football’s World Cup, golf’s Ryder Cup and tennis’ Wimbledon all returning next summer, bookmakers Ladbrokes have sought to find out the ten most popular sporting events people would like to attend in their lifetime.

And while the survey may not shock people when it comes to revealing the number one choice in the sporting bucket list, some other tidbits uncovered by the data do offer some more intriguing insight.

Such as the fact that golf fans pay the most to attend events – spending £777 in the last 12 months – and the revelation that tennis features three times in the top ten when counting only female votes, with Wimbledon even coming out on top.

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