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TraderLife Guide to: Alaska

Alaska is located in the northwest, bordered by the Yukon Territory, British Columbia, and the Russian Far East. At 663,267 square miles (1,727,856 km2), Alaska is the largest state in the United States. With no roads connecting towns or cities except for a few corridors near the coast, most travel within the state has traditionally been by boat or plane. And while on your Alaskan adventure, join hundreds of players to play slots and table games on NetBet.

Alaska is one of the most famous land masses on our planet and is covered with some of the most rugged and formidable nature we can find. Every nook and cranny, every pitfall is a natural wonder, and people's expectations about this great state know no bounds. In recent years, however, a rail line has been completed to connect several major cities along with the interior. As of 2012, there were no completed highways, with one short segment under construction.

Misconceptions about Alaska continue to thrive, as do those about Denali. Is it true that Alaska is a bucket list destination for many? Besides being the largest state in the US, a trip to Alaska leaves travellers spoilt for choice. From a myriad of enticing excursions to the electric nightlife, abundant wildlife, and exotic culinary delicacies. Because of its catchy travel and leisure experience, Alaska tops the itinerary list for many travellers. In Alaska, visitors get treated as an essential part of a perfect social body.

Is Alaska a Must-Visit?

If an ideal trip must consist of pristine tourism aspects, look no further. Welcome to Alaska, home to hot summers and untold glaciers. Alaska sits on the white-hued tropical islands bordering the Canadian coastline. A trip to Alaska is incomplete without visiting the grand Judd Lake. The tourist destination is located 60 miles east of Anchorage. It is common for helicopter-accessible summer paradise resorts frequented by world-class tourists. It only gets better as it is famous for its fishing, hiking, glacier-peeping, and tremendous off-shore biking grounds, from all-inclusive cruise ships to luxurious vessels.

Even more, Alaska is a destination for whatever you seek: an unforgettable experience, a once-in-a-lifetime journey or a new beginning. Ships sail to each port more than once a month; there's always a chance of a repeat visit. But first, you should know that the place is full of stunning destinations whether you choose the Inside Passage, Glacier Bay or an Arctic discovery here in Alaska as it was meant to be seen.

Alaska is the place where business and pleasure meet. It also offers a unique combination of cultures and climates home to Alaska Airlines - from urban to remote. A great way to get away from everyday stresses. Whether you're visiting family in Seattle or taking a vacation with your partner, here's an opportunity to experience all that makes Alaska Alaska. Experience authenticity through each season—an opportunity to discover new places and enjoy time with family and friends.

Alaska has a wide choice of business destinations, hotels and city breaks. Are you seeking help finding you the ideal destination for your next business trip or just spending some quality time with friends or family? Alaska is the perfect destination for your next business trip or short-haul flight, with its easy access via daily flights, competitive pricing and stunning scenery. For trading breaks, why not take advantage of the discounts on offer at Anchorage hotels? Or give in to that desire to be active with an inspirational hike in the mountains.

The Catch

There might be no better place for an enriching summer like Alaska, especially if the journey is inland. It is beyond doubt that the Alaskan interior is home to various tourist attraction sites. September offers pleasant temperatures and full summer festivals. Also, the Alaskan people are a friendly bunch so expect plenty of accommodation. Imagine a world filled with enough railroads, climbing routes, a natural harbour, and top-rated parks in the US.

What do you get when you visit the panhandle of Alaska? Glaciers, mountains, fresh lakes or saltwater, many types of salmon, halibut that's large-caught or small-caught -- but always fresh, grizzly bears in abundance, caribou in herds by the thousands, berries of every name and hue -- there are no foods here that cannot be harvested in some form or another.

That is what you get when you come to our 49th state.