Trader Workout: Dumbbell Circuit

Trader Workout Trader Workout

We’ve had the no kit needed challenge, the office plank challenge and even poolside tabata, and now TraderLife’s personal trainer Callum Osborne is back with another Trader Workout Challenge to keep you traders in shape, no matter how little time you have away from your trading desk.

This time he’s introducing dumbbells to his workouts, but his full dumbbell circuit still takes under ten minutes to complete, so there’s no excuse not to give it a crack.

Check out the video for an idea of how to do the exercises correctly, while the rest of the details on the workout are below:

Bold = use heavy weight
Italics = use lighter weight

Set 1

  1. Jack press – 30 secs
  2. Plank clean press – 1 min each side
  3. Swing jack – 30sec

Set 2

  1. High knee run straight arm – 30sec
  2. Press up, row, side raise – 1 min each side
  3. Side lunge high knee press – 30sec

Set 3

  1. Burpee 2x punch add on – 30sec
  2. DB swing – 1 min each side
  3. Weighted star jumps – 30sec



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