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The Best Industries to Start a Business in 2021

The idea of starting a new business is exciting, yet this can mean moving out of your comfort zone and trying something new that you aren’t yet completely sure about. To give yourself the best chance of success, it is worth looking at a few of the industries where you can hope to find success in 2021.

The Growing Appeal of the Fitness Sector

The fitness sector has been growing enormously since Covid-19 caused us to drastically change our habits. People are now looking for new ways of staying fit and being inspired to work out without leaving home. This has led to social media influencers such as Simeon Panda, Michelle Lewin, and Yanet Garcia becoming even more relevant, with millions of followers turning to them for motivation.

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With more people than ever before working from home and unable to attend the gym or go running like before, the concept of live-streamed classes has also taken off in a big way. Among the most sensible advice for kicking off a business of this type is to stick to a routine, keep it real without editing and keep on interacting with your class members as they exercise. You may also decide to pre-record some classes now and then, for members to watch when it suits them.

There are many different ways of running a modern fitness business, so the first step has to be in working out exactly how you want to make money from helping people to get fitter. Maybe you will become a personal trainer and offer online classes as above, or get set up as an affiliate with a company that sells home fitness equipment. As with any new venture, considering your skills and how you can translate them to this area is crucial.

Video Streaming Keeps on Expanding

The live streaming industry is a great example of how new technology has allowed us to consider some types of business that simply weren’t available just a few years ago. People from all over the world can watch the action that you stream, and all you need to get started is a good computer and a fast internet connection.

A big part of the key to doing this successfully lies in working out what type of content to produce and also in how you will earn money from it. Types of live streaming business ideas include using Twitch to show you playing games, with the latest figures from 2020 showing an average of 56,000 concurrent broadcasters and 1.44 million viewers on this platform. You can earn a share of advertising revenue generated by viewers clicking on the ads that are shown during your stream.

Opportunities also exist for carrying out interviews on Facebook Live and putting interesting content with ads on YouTube. If you have special knowledge or skills, it's worth checking to see how the industry has been affected by the latest changes in our habits, as this may reveal some new opportunities that you can seize. You could fill a gap in the market and help others while discovering a brand-new type of business.

Creative Freelancing Opportunities

There are more opportunities to earn money from creative freelancing than ever before, as online platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Toptal offer the chance to find work in numerous sectors. Some of the jobs that can be discovered in this way include those in areas in graphic design, creative writing, and animation.

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Another category with a lot of potential in 2021 and beyond is game design. In the latest industry news from CasinoWings, we can see that gaming revenue in Europe was down by 23% in 2020. But when we see more articles on the subject it is clear that the industry is still booming with sites like PlayOJO, Rizk, and Playzee adding innovations and creating opportunities. With this industry utilising the latest technologies, those eager to get into game design could find a promising career in this industry. For example, this industry has seen a large focus on smartphones and new technologies like live-streaming.

These are just a few of the most important industries where you can look to create a profitable new business in 2021. There are new opportunities to be seized by anyone hungry for a new challenge and the chance to set up a new business.

By Richard Erickson