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10 Trading Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2020

Amidst a turbulent and unpredictable backdrop, Twitter is becoming an increasingly fundamental tool for traders in 2020, with lockdowns and restrictions forcing yet more of us to social media as a source of research, market insights or even just human contact.

As we have done in previous years, we’ve collated a handy list of some of the best Twitter accounts to consider following if you're involved in trading the financial markets. From well-known and reliable sources for in-depth news, to influential traders that are happy enough to share the secrets of their success with their followers, discover all our suggestions below.

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1. Peter Brandt

Tweets about: Trading, current affairs
Why you should follow them: Peter has been a professional commodities trader since 1980. He is also the author of the bestselling book ‘Diary of a Professional Commodities Trader’. Peter gives advice and examples of his own trades with good use of charts. He is a globally respected trader.


Tweets about: Business, finance
Why you should follow them: This live financial news network is one to follow to keep updated with real-time financial information. CNBC is tailored towards helping the individual investor in making informed decisions on their trades.

3. Steve Burns

Tweets about: Trading, financial markets
Why you should follow them: Steve Burns has been an active trader for over 14 years and has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal for his trading ability. He’s also authored 13 books on trading and is the founder of Featured in our recommendations from previous years, his tweets are packed full of trading advice and live commentary, as well as funny memes.


4. Mohamed A. El-Erian

Tweets about: Economics, markets
Why you should follow them: Mohamed is the chief Economic Adviser for insurance company Allianz. He is also the author of ‘When Markets Collide’ and ‘The Only Game in Town’. His account focuses on assessing the current economic situations and then advising traders on how to react to them accordingly.


Tweets about: Trading, analysis
Why you should follow them: Investors Business Daily is all about posting the newest trades and advising their readers on what their next move might be. They post a lot of teaching tools and strategies for newbie traders, but at the same time provide in-depth analysis of the markets for those more experienced.

6. Joe Weisenthal

Tweets about: Current affairs, business, markets
Why you should follow them: Joe is the editor for Bloomberg’s business account and host on “What’d You Miss?” for Bloomberg TV. Joe keeps a keen eye out for all financial news and updates his readers and listeners for his channel and his Twitter page. He also brings a fresh and opinionated take on the latest market changes.

7. Jim Cramer

Tweets about: Trading, markets, business
Why you should follow them: Love him or loathe him, with 1.2 million Twitter followers and the founder of The Street, Jim Cramer is certainly a box office source to have in your back pocket. He provides advice for beginners and veterans alike, and - as his famed TV slots attest - is also not shy in voicing his opinion when it comes to business.

8. Bespoke

Tweets about: Financial market analysis
Why you should follow them: Bespoke investments is becoming one of the most respected research firms currently operating in the financial sector. Their website gives you easy to read reports on the latest trends and movements on the exchange. Follow their account to be notified about the newest reports.

9. Professor Steve Hanke

Tweets about: FX and Commodities trading
Why you should follow them: Prof. Steve Hanke is an economist for John Hopkins University and a professional FX and commodities trader. On his account he shares his views on the current economic affairs whilst aiding traders in FX and commodities.

10. Marketwatch

Tweets about: Trading, news, analysis
Why you should follow them: With over 3.5million followers, we're not exactly plucking this one from obscurity. But with up-to-the-minute market updates, not to mention a subscriber list that curates the best of fintweet into one handy feed, MarketWatch cannot be ignored.

Have we missed out your favourite account? Be sure to let us know  - by Twitter of course - on @_TraderLife_.


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