The China HustleTrader Digest. Photo: Netflix

Trader Digest: Trading in Space, Bitcoin Prison Break & The China Hustle

This week’s bumper Trader Digest features how banks are using satellites to spot trading errors, a return in the news of Wall Street's Fearless Girl, and a new trader must-watch Netflix documentary...

Reading List

A secretive high-speed trader is providing college kids with a 'launch pad' to build cryptocurrency companies
"Jump Trading is making cryptocurrency a big focus for its venture capital spin-off in 2018, and is bringing in college kids as part of the effort." Business Insider

Barclays Is Talking to Clients About Opening a Crypto Trading Desk
“Barclays, the second-largest bank in the U.K. by assets, is weighing the launch of a cryptocurrency trading desk." Coindesk

‘Fearless Girl’ Will Stay on Wall Street, and Not Everyone Is Happy
"It’s official: The Fearless Girl will continue her face off with Charging Bull, the famed three-and-a-half-ton bronze bull that is an internationally recognized symbol of Wall Street, through 2018." Artnet

Banks look to the stars to spot trading mistakes
"The machine learning technology that safeguards Europe’s deep-space missions could soon be used to reduce the risk of “fat finger” trades, after the European Space Agency agreed its first collaboration with the financial services industry." FT

Steven Cohen Targets High-Frequency Trading With ‘Dark Pool’ Venture
"Billionaire Steven A. Cohen is backing a startup that aims to prevent high-frequency traders from eating away at the profits of stock-pickers like himself." WSJ

Iceland: Bitcoin Heist Suspect Has Likely Fled to Sweden
"A man suspected of masterminding the theft of about 600 computers used to mine bitcoins and other virtual currencies has likely fled to Sweden after breaking out of a prison in Iceland, officials said Wednesday."

Kevin Warsh and Stan Druckenmiller Just Invested In a Cryptocurrency That's Designed to Be Boring
"Digital currencies are risky, volatile investments, and that’s what speculators love about them. But a group of Silicon Valley venture capitalists and Wall Street fixtures are spending $133 million on a cryptocurrency that’s boring by design." Bloomberg Tech

What to Watch

The China Hustle
"Ill-advised financial maneuverings didn't end with the 2008 market crash. Instead, bankers used China-based companies to take investors for a ride." Netflix

For the Headphones

When there’s blood in the water, the sharks will come with Mike Agne
"Catching up this time, we talk; relative value trading, the recent pick up in volatility and regime changes, Mike’s economic outlook, risk parameters, technical analysis, making money in bear markets and developments in the world of crypto assets." Chat With Traders

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