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10 Trading Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2019

Twitter will remain as important as ever to traders in 2019, whether as a research tool, a source of market signals, or simply light relief.

With that in mind, here are a few accounts to consider following this year. Many are among the most influential tweeters on trading topics, according to social media metrics. Others are simply accounts that we find ourselves seeking out again and again thanks to the quality of their posts.

We have tried to avoid the most obvious trading tweeters, and hope everyone will find something new to them on our list.

So open up your feed, and get ready to let these Twitter accounts boost your performance over the coming year. And make sure to join in the debate yourself using hashtags #trading and #traderlife.

10 Trading Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2019

1. The Chicago Board Options Exchange

Tweets about: Trading, markets, derivatives, options
Why you should follow them: With followers like the Financial Times and the Guardian, this account from an important US derivatives exchange is a respected source for market movement-related information and analysis.

2. DailyFX

Tweets about: Trading, foreign exchange, currencies
Why you should follow them: As the name suggests, this account is a great source for foreign exchange news. Very frequent tweets reflect the rapid twists and turns of the fast-moving currency trading business, often with great charts to match.

3.FT TradingRoom

Tweets about: Trading, trading technology
Why you should follow them: From the leading business newspaper, this account presents trading news articles and ones on important issues for the sector such as high-frequency trading and the rise of cryptocurrencies.

4. Steve Burns

Tweets about: Trading, markets
Why you should follow them: Expect timely market updates and posts packed with trading advice, many from Burns’ blog New Trader U. There is also trading-related commentary – in today’s market, said Burns recently, “you can look like a genius on Thursday and an idiot on Friday.”

5. Izabella Kaminska

Tweets about: Markets, business, cryptocurrencies
Why you should follow them: Editor of the Financial Times’ influential Alphaville blog, Kaminska supplies fascinating information on a vast range of subjects, plus her own strong opinions and take-downs of lazy thinking, particularly around cryptocurrencies.

6. Gotham City Research

Tweets about: Business, regulation
Why you should follow them: This secretive equity research firm offers up due diligence reports and hints, specialising in exposing corporate problems that could lead to juicy short-selling opportunities. Not pretty, but potentially lucrative.

7. Meredith Jones

Tweets about: Investment, hedge funds
Why you should follow them: Have you met Miss Jones? Forget Bridget – Meredith’s got a lot more sass. Her Twitter account is brimful of sharp insights into the investment world, often with a female-focused slant.

8. Citron Research

Tweets about: Business, markets, investment
Why you should follow them: Citron Research provides a steady stream of respected equity research, and trading tips resulting from their findings. Detailed, crisp and, just occasionally, laugh-out-loud entertaining.

9. Banker’s Umbrella

Tweets about: Banking, finance, current affairs
Why you should follow them: “On Twitter I'm all banking, booze and banter,” says this former finance worker in his profile, making his account a perfect source for a dose of light-hearted content with a trading flavour.

10. The Economist Intelligent Unit

Tweets about: Business, economics, politics
Why you should follow them: From a highly-respected magazine’s research arm comes a wealth of reliable business-relevant information. As you might expect, this is heavy on economics and politics but, given current uncertainties in these areas, that is probably no bad thing.

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10 Trading Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2018

We're sure to have missed out one or two of your favourite trading Twitter accounts. Let us know who @_TraderLife_