Photo: Brian McGowan (Unsplash)

Trader Digest: 21st Century Space Race

This week in Trader Digest we see Elon Musk doing what he does best (stir shit up), Virgin Galactic reveal the ultimate first-class travel, and we’re learning about how to become a world class poker player - how’s your poker face?


Virgin Galactic Unveils a Spaceship Cabin Fit for the Very Rich
‘The great unknown and creature comforts lure would-be astronauts with $250,000 to spend. Flights may start this year.’ BLOOMBERG

Gold Could Explode up to 80% to $3,500 in the Next 2 Years, a Veteran Investor Says
‘Gold could hit as high as $3,500 in the next two years - a jump of 80% from current levels - a veteran investor said this week.’ MARKETS INSIDER

SpaceX capsule swarmed by boaters after successful splashdown
‘After SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday and before NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were out of the capsule, dozens of boats circled the area, creating chaos as recovery crews tried to get to the spacecraft. One had a banner with a “Trump” logo on it.’ THE VERGE

When Tesla Hits the S&P 500, It’ll Spark the Wildest Passive Trade Ever
‘Beating the S&P 500 is notoriously difficult for fund managers. But simply replicating it as closely as possible isn’t always a picnic, either—and Tesla Inc. has found a way to make it a little harder.’ BLOOMBERG

Families and How to Survive Them by Robin Skynner & John Cleese
‘What makes a family happy? Why do some marriages 'succeed' and others end in divorce? How can we free ourselves from the legacy of past mistakes and bring about positive change?’ AMAZON

London Lockdown Is Possible Under U.K.’s Virus Containment Plans
‘The U.K.’s plans to block further spikes in coronavirus allow for ministers to lock down London, Boris Johnson’s spokesman said, as officials prepare for the resurgence of coronavirus in the months ahead.’ BLOOMBERG


How To Become a World Class Poker Player (Podcast)
‘Switching careers is always difficult. But former New Yorker staff writer Maria Konnikova did it in dramatic fashion. Konnikova decided that the best way to learn about the role of skill and luck in life is through poker, and so she decided to become a great poker player.’ BLOOMBERG

Inside Lebanon's economic crisis
‘Across all pockets of a country conditioned to hardship over decades of war and tumult, the effects of a catastrophic economic implosion were evident when the Guardian’s Middle East correspondent Martin Chulov took a road trip across Lebanon.’ THE GUARDIAN


The Edge
‘Compelling, funny and emotional, this film tells the story of the England cricket team’s rise to the top, their unmatched achievements and the huge toll it would take.’ BBC