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10 Top Trading Influencers To Follow on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, as you probably already know, is a great place for traders to build a professional network. What you may not realise is that it is also an excellent source of trading information and resources from some of the top minds in finance.

In particular, look to LinkedIn’s high-profile, invitation-only Influencer programme. Its members, the social network says, are “a global collective of the world's foremost thinkers, leaders, and innovators”.

Here is our pick of the bunch specifically for traders. Follow them for key market information, data-backed predictions, and fresh ideas.

1. Ray Dalio

Founder, co-chief investment officer and co-chair at Bridgewater Associates
Posts about: Global politics, financial markets, effective working
Why you should follow them: Head of a successful hedge fund known historically for backing government bonds and currencies, Dalio provides his followers with the benefit of his current thinking on global politics and markets. As a bonus, he is also a highly-regarded thinker on optimising your working life.

2. Sallie Krawcheck

Chief executive and co-founder at Ellevest
Posts about: Investing, women and finance
Why you should follow them: As the leader of an artificial intelligence platform providing financial services tailored to women, Krawcheck is an excellent source of investment wisdom, whether or not you are female. Her posts also discuss how gender and other social factors have an impact on finance and money matters.

3. Edward Yardeni

President and chief investment strategist at Yardeni Research
Posts about: Economics, finance history, film
Why you should follow them: Expect in-depth analysis of economic and finance signals, often with helpful charts. There are also frequent dives into past patterns, recently including a popular series on the financial crisis. The unlikely final ingredient is great informal movie reviews – every week Yardeni shares his thoughts following a Friday night cinema trip with his wife.

4. Danielle DiMartino Booth

Chief executive and director of intelligence at Quill Intelligence
Posts about: Economics, financial markets
Why you should follow them: A former banker and adviser to the Federal Bank of Dallas, Booth draws on her extensive professional experience to write sometimes controversial but always informed posts. As you might expect, there is a strong focus on the US, but as Trump’s policies continue to make waves across the world’s economies, that is probably no bad thing.

5. Jesse Colombo

Economic analyst and investment advisor at Clarity Financial
Posts about: Economics, financial markets
Why you should follow them: Colombo writes about a range of markets around the world, from Australian real estate to US shale gas. His speciality is detecting bubbles on the verge of being punctured. What’s currently on his radar? The entire US stock market. Consider yourself warned…

6. David Janny

Senior vice president, senior portfolio manager and financial advisor at Morgan Stanley
Posts about: Economics, financial markets, psychology
Why you should follow them: Currently at Morgan Stanley and with a wealth of other financial experience, Janny has plenty to offer on economic policy and financial markets. He also shares his views on wider issues of why markets move the way they do, including a popular post earlier this year on the role of information and misinformation.

7. Hillary Stevenson

Director for oil markets and business development at Genscape
Posts about: Oil, oil and more oil
Why you should follow them: Like it or loathe it, no trader can afford to ignore oil and its markets, which have an effect on pretty much everything financial sooner or later. Stevenson is a great guide, keeping followers up-to-date about anything that can affect oil prices, from new refineries to big data to hurricanes.

8. Krishna Memani

Chief investment officer at Oppenheimer Funds
Posts about: Economics, trade, financial markets
Why you should follow them: Memani oversees all the investment teams at global asset manager Oppenheimer Funds, and is himself a fixed income specialist. His posts, which span investment, monetary policy and politics, offer his followers great insights – and often a wittier than average title.

9. Frank Holmes

Chief executive officer and chief investment officer at US Global Investors
Posts about: Financial markets, metals and mining, cryptocurrencies
Why you should follow them: Goldbugs listen up! The king of metals is Holmes’ specialist area, so expect plenty of posts on this market, which can send ripples into other asset classes too. Right at the other end of the risk spectrum, cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-related investments also pop up on his feed.

10. Stefania Perrucci

Founder and chief investment officer at New Sky Capital
Posts about: Financial markets, quantitative analysis, psychology
Why you should follow them: Formerly at Morgan Stanley and now the head of her own asset management firm, Perrucci posts about a range of markets, often with a quantitative angle. She also shares some frank insights into trading and trader psychology, including what she sees as her own failings and mistakes.

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