Top Crowdfunding Gadgets of 2020

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been around for over a decade, with Kickstarter alone funding 184,000 successful projects raising a staggering $5b.

What we like about these sites is that is allows anyone from professional designers to the average Joe to gain backing for a new exciting product. And while there may still be a lot of crap to wade through, there are some truly innovative products out there that wouldn’t have necessarily been created if crowdfunding platforms weren’t around.

So we’ve taken a look at the latest products and chosen our favourites, believing them to improve on an existing product that has been around for years, and in some cases hasn’t changed much for decades. Crucially, if you’re a busy trader, we reckon these picks will definitely make life easier.

1. Koa – The reinvented duvet cover

What Is It

Serial product designers Ben & Luke – who both come from a design background, have both worked at Joseph & Joseph, and have won many awards for products such as toys helping kids learn to code to a more hygienic toilet brush – have teamed up to bring a simple solution to a problem that’s probably frustrated everyone at some point. And that is the dreaded duvet cover change.

This simple duvet design, with its elegant zip solution, makes changing the sheets a breeze and speeds up an age old chore in three easy steps – Unzip > Place duvet on top > Zip back up.

“A problem we’ve both faced is that the biggest design companies see most established products as ‘off-limits’ for reinvention. It’s an ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ mindset, the problem is we just disagree. We don’t think anything should be off-limits for reinvention.” - Ben

Why We Like It

How often have you thought you needed to change the bed sheets but couldn’t be bothered or didn’t have the time because you didn’t want to step away from the charts in case you missed a trade? With Koa this won’t be an issue anymore as you can change the sheets in record breaking time, and we’re not joking. Not that we knew one existed, but Koa smashed the world record for changing bed sheets, beating it by 13 seconds (total time of 26 seconds) without even looking like they were rushing (video available on their funding page). Evidence that the design is simple and quick to use.

We’re also fans of sleep and fresh sheets apparently can lead to better sleep. Which is great in our book, especially when we want to wake up refreshed ready to tackle a day’s trading. So now there is no excuse for getting freshly washed sheets on more often.

The reinvented duvet cover received pledges of $58k so far - $33k above its $25k goal. And it has already won an innovation prize from the UK Design Council. So they must be onto something.

2. Home Pull Up Bar

What Is It

We’re all about getting fit and healthy (check out our Trader Workout guides here) and being stuck at home for the first half of 2020 means we’ve been on the lookout for workout equipment that can easily be used in the home. What we discovered were the innovative Ryze-Ups, which are an impressive improvement on the standard home pull up bar.

Why We Like It

We’ve had experience with the old style pull up bars. The ones that twist and lengthen which then sit on a precarious piece of metal on either side of the door frame, or the ones that say they hook on top of the door frame but never actually do. With the Ryze-Up’s, you’ll never find yourself falling through the air after pull up 5, because the clamp and release lock on system will have you securely fastened to the door frame. What’s also unique about this is that it’s a one size fits all, no matter how thick or thin your door frame is.

The best bit about it that they fold slimly away. So much so you could take them travelling if you needed that fitness kick whilst you’re away, ideal for the travelling trader. The Rzye-Ups received $247k in backers against its initial goal of only $20,000. Which is 1,135% over target. Imagine a trading return like that….

3. Lumos Ultra - Bike Helmet

What Is It

As some of us are tentatively returning to the office, we’ve been encouraged to explore alternative methods of transport other than crowded trains, tubes and buses. So what better time to dust off your bike and cycle into work. To which this next product will not only keep you safer but has had a 21st century upgrade. That is, the old bike helmet.

Why We Like It

This isn’t just any bike helmet; the Lumos Ultra is another example of taking an existing product and improving it. It even comes with its own app which can link to your apple watch so you can indicate (via the helmet) by simply raising your arm.

Although that sounds very gimmicky, the Lumos Ultra aimed to solve the problem of many cyclists face when out on the road, according to them its things like low visibility, stolen bike lights and dealing with motorists whilst signalling.

This lightweight helmet is equipped with powerful lights front and back (that last up to 10 hours), solving the stolen bike lights issue, but also means you’re visible at head height rather than lower down that the standard bike lights positioning provides.

This project was funded in just an astounding four minutes; it smashed its £48k target and currently has over £1.3m in backing.

4. Noke U-Lock: Smart Padlock

What Is It

Sticking with the biking theme, this next gadget has definitely been given a tech upgrade. Noke U-Lock is the world’s smartest U-Lock.

Simply set up the padlock on your phone or apple watch and when you press the unlock button on the padlock, it automatically searches via Bluetooth for authorised access. If you’re within a few feet it will automatically open for you. Or on your approach simply get out your phone or apple watch and unlock it at a press of a button.

And don’t worry, if you don’t have your phone or it has run out of battery, its Quick-Click technology allow you to set up a custom access click code to unlock manually. And if you’re worried about security, it has an inbuilt security system so if it’s tampered with, a shrieking alarm will sound.

Why We Like It

No more fiddling through numerous keys to find the right one for your padlock, and no more forgetting number combinations. The simple padlock mechanism has been thrown into the 21st century with the application of Bluetooth technology.

What’s also really cool about this is that you can give one-time access or customise access to your friends on specific days and times if your friend wants to borrow your bike or padlock.

This campaign secured over $400k, four times its target.


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