7 Coolest Travel Gadgets for Traders

Whether you're jetting off on your jolly hols or your diary is bursting with business trips, we've scouted out all the essential travel gadgets you shouldn't leave home without.

From portable batteries, memory drives and wifi routers to wireless headphones and jet lag cures, read on to find out what you should be packing for your travels...

1. The portable memory drive

Also know as: Seagate Seven Portable Drive

What is it? The thinnest 500GB portable memory drive you'll find - it's only 7mm thin (so you'll barely even notice you've packed it) and weighing in at 90g, it won't eat into your baggage weight allowance. But the tiny device will store everything you can't travel without - from films and music to important documents (you can't go away without your trading plan...)

Best for: Traders who like to take their tech away with them. With 500GB of storage in a package that's smaller than your smartphone, you won't have to leave anything behind.

The Seagate Seven Portable Drive is available now for $89.99. 

2. The miracle jet lag cure

Also known as: Luminette Eyewear

What is it? A portable light therapy device. Basically, the glasses expose your eyes to light of a specific intensity to mimic sunlight and relieve jet leg, lack of energy, winter blues and help stop the production of sleep hormone melatonin in night shift workers. Light therapy has been getting more and more popular, but Luminette is the most portable solution yet - a pair of glasses with a built-in light therapy lamp.

Best for: Traders who jet across timezones or trade foreign sessions overnight.

Luminette is available now - you can buy from €219 or try it for one month (with no obligation to buy) €49.00. 

3. The multi-tasking torch

Also known as: Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

What is it? One for the outdoorsy types - Outdoor Tech describe their Buckshot as the sneakiest little speaker on the block. It's a torch, strobe light, portable Bluetooth speaker and portable battery in one. It's durable, shock-proof, water-resistant and you can mount it onto the handlebars of your bike for tunes on the go - it even has a built-in speaker and microphone for making hands-free calls. We'll be taking it on all of our outdoor adventures this year.

The Buckshot Pro is available now for $49.95. 

4. The wireless smart headphones

Also known as: Bragi Dash

What is it? The Bragi Dash are wireless Bluetooth headphones, so they're ideal for travelling - no cables to get in the way. They're touch sensitive, so you don't have to keep taking your smartphone in and and out of your bag to change song (and they have an embedded 4GB music player, so you don't even have to use your phone for music). They have noise isolation technology to tune out everything from aeroplane engines and screaming kids to your wife/husband nagging. And on top of all that, if you like to keep fit on the go, they'll track your vital stats and exercise including heart rate, steps, distance, pace and energy spent and give you realtime acoustic feedback.

Best for: Active traders who want to keep track of their fitness goals even while they're on holiday - and anyone who likes listening to music on-the-go and hates untangling headphones.

The Bragi Dash is available to pre-order now in black or white for $299.

5. The signal when you've got no signal

Also known as: goTenna

What is it? goTenna pairs wirelessly with your smartphone and allows you to text and share your location with anyone else who has a goTenna, even if you don't have service. It comes in twos, one for you, and one for whoever you want to be able to keep in touch with. It's ideal for outdoor adventures, festivals, sailing and bike rides - you'll never get lost in a crowd or the wilderness again.

Best for: Keeping track of the mate who always wanders off (and who you always spend most of the trip looking for).

goTenna is available for pre-order now. It's $149.99 for two devices if you buy them during the pre-order period - that's 50% off the regular retail price. 

6. The smart luggage

Also known as: Trunkster Smart Luggage

What is it? A seriously clever suitcase. The Trunkster has a durable, waterproof sliding door instead of a zip, making it both more secure and easier for you to get things in and out of quickly. Plus, it has a built-in battery that allows you to charge your phone up to 9 times - so you'll no longer be one of those unfortunate souls huddled around the only plug in the airport. It also has a built-in digital scale - so no more charges for overweight baggage you ran out of time to weigh. And if all of that wasn't enough, it's also GPS enabled, so you don't have to worry about losing your luggage.

Best for: Anyone who travels a lot. The Trunkster does practically everything we can think of to make your journeys easier and more convenient, short of flying itself to your destination and checking in for you.

The Trunkster is available from $295 for a carry-on or $335 for a larger size - it will be delivered around August. 

7. The 4-in-1 travel router

Also known as: HooToo TripMate Elite Versatile

What is it? If you travel a lot, you'll know that hotel wifi is notoriously terrible, and you'll know that a travel router is an essential piece of travel tech. This one goes a step further - as well as allowing you to create a wireless hotspot from hotel routers and connect your laptop, smartphone and tablet simultaneously (hello, multiple screens) it's also a portable battery charger, personal cloud for file sharing and two-pronged power adaptor (so if you're Stateside, it'll replace your standard chargers and travel adaptors).

Best for: Travelling for business and trading from hotels. Dicey internet connection and dead batteries will never stress you out again.

The HooToo TripMate is available now for $99.99.