Stay Healthy at WorkInfographic: Stay Healthy at Work. Photo: Tran Mau Tri Tam (Unsplash)

Infographic: Stay Healthy at Work

Whether you trade from an office, at home or somewhere in between, there can be no doubt that the job of a trader counts as one of the most sedentary going.

Hours spent monitoring the markets and analysing charts is not always conducive to a healthy lifestyle, which is why one of the things we try to do here at TraderLife is help improve the health and fitness of traders.

Along with our first Trader Workout (with personal trainer Callum - view it here), we've also brought you ten-minute healthy recipes for breakfast, dinner and lunch (read below).

Trader Health: Ten-Minute Recipes

And now, we bring you this handy infographic on the best ways to stay healthy at work. See the infographic below for all the info: