Bitcoin futuresInfographic: Bitcoin Futures. Photo: Ed Bierman (Flickr)

Infographic: Bitcoin Futures

If you’re a trader you’re unlikely not to have considered the merits (or otherwise) of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

It certainly seems that there are few traders without a strong opinion either way, whether you think it’s the future of trading or simply the 21st century iteration of Tulipmania.

The Crazy Tale of Tulipmania: Trading’s First Market Bubble

Whatever your views on it, the introduction of futures trading on Bitcoin has meant that those of all opinions about the controversial crypto coin are now able to back their views in regulated markets.

But with trading on the Bitcoin futures markets starting slow, it seems that traders are still finding their feet with the new kid on the block. So this new infographic, from RCM Alternatives, does a good job of explaining some of the differences between CME’s and Cboe’s Bitcoin Futures contract...

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