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Trader Workout: Soccer HIIT Session

It's our latest Trader Workout from TraderLife personal trainer Callum Osborne, and this time he's put together a football-related routine.

And given that it's tailored to footballers, then you can at least be sure it's not going to be too complex, right? (Ok, so that's maybe a little mean...).

Needless to say simply follow the instructions below and watch Callum in action before having a go at this HIIT session that requires no equipment and can do done pretty much anywhere - so you don't need a gym membership, weights or any other kit. Which also means you have no more excuses...


  • Shuttle runs
  • Floor get ups / Explosive jumps
  • 4 x Ladder runs / Cone tap
  • Football kick-ups


  • 30 seconds of exercise
  • 10 second recovery
  • Repeat each exercise 4/5 times, then move onto the next set.
  • Complete 4 sets!


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