pokerInfographic: Machine vs Human - How AI is Affecting the Poker Industry. Photo: Michał Parzuchowski (Unsplash)

Infographic: Machine vs Human - How AI is Affecting the Poker Industry

With the UK government having recently commissioned a select committee debate on Artificial Inteligence, the subject is set to become a hot one on the news agenda in the coming weeks and months.

And with AI at work for many of us in our apps, tools and work-life, and the likes of Apple, Google and Tesla at the forefront of AI advancement, the future of AI is as exciting as it is unwritten.

But while you may be well aware of AI in self-driving cars, in personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, and even in coffee-serving humanoids, but what about it’s ability to beat humans at their own games? The greatest human minds vs computers has been a theme in chess for decades, but what about in poker?

This infographic from shows how artificial intelligence has affected the poker industry and what it is capable of doing now…