Stay Home & Stay Fit: 7 Lockdown Workouts. Photo Pixabay

Stay Home & Stay Fit: 7 Lockdown Workouts

As most of you are stuck at home and with gyms closed, we thought we’d give you a recap of trader workouts from our in-house personal trainer, Callum Osborne.

As well as doing them in the comfort of your home, you can even do these workouts outside in the sunshine, so get off your backsides, stop binge watching Netflix and give it a go.

This one page will be all you need to get ripped this summer, even if your neighbours will be the only ones to enjoy your transformation! Feel free to let us know how you get on or if you've any trader workouts to suggest yourself...

1. No Kit Needed – Cardio Workout

Exercise set: Complete each of these exercises, have a 1 min rest, then do it again!

• 10 Squat Jumps
• 8 Press Ups
• 6 Tuck Jumps
• 4 Plank Tucks
• 2 Full Burpees

Reps: As many times as possible (aim for 3-4)

2. Full Body Burnout – Dumbbell Workout

TIP: If you don’t have dumbbells at home try using two tins of beans, filled water bottles, packets of rice etc.

Exercise set: 1 min per exercise (set a timer)

• Right arm press, left arm press then both arms together- 1 min each
• Right arm row, left arm row then both together- 1 min each
• Right arm lift, left arm lift then both sides together- 1 min each
• Right leg lung, left leg Lung then both sides together and squat- 1 min each

Reps: As many times as possible (aim for 4-5)

3. Poolside Tabata – HIIT Training

Exercise set: 20 seconds per exercise with 10 second rest in between each. No pool? No problem - do it around your garden, or even your sofa!

• High knee sprints
• Press-ups
• Front jump squat shuffle back
• Mountain climber front/side
• Split lunge
• Plank jacks and tuck

4. *Home* Office Plank Challenge - Resistance Training

Exercise set: Go all in - no dropping!

• Low plank: opposite knee tap
• High plank- front reach
• Low plank: jacks
• High plank: wide knee
• Low plank: high taps

Reps: As many times as you can (aim for 4)

Time: Beginners: 30 seconds per plank / Intermediate: 45 seconds per plank / Advanced: 1 min per plank

5. Soccer HIIT Session

Exercise set: Requires garden/park or large indoor area.

• Shuttle runs
• Floor gets ups/ Explosive jumps
• 4 x Ladder runs/ Cone tap
• Football kick-ups

30 seconds of exercise, repeat each exercise 4/5 times before moving onto the next- 10 second recovery in between each rep.
Complete 4 sets.

6. 12-1-12 – Full Body Workout

Exercise set: Work your way through every exercise, rest for 1-2 mins then work your way back up to 12.

• 12 high knee taps
• 11 froggers
• 10 basketball squat jumps
• 9 mountain climbers
• 8 star jumps
• 7 press ups
• 6 tuck jumps
• 5 plank shoulder taps
• 4 split lunge jumps
• 3 tricep press to plank
• 2 full burpee tuck jumps
• 1 min plank hold
Now go back up to the top!

7. Dumbbell Circuit

Exercise set: Again, you can use tinned food, bottles of water, any heavy object that you can easily hold if you don’t have dumbbells.

Set 1
• Jack press- 30 secs
• Plank clean press- 1 min each side
• Swing jack – 30 secs

Set 2
• High knee run straight arm – 30 secs
• Press up, row, side raise- 1 min each side
• Side lunge high knee press – 30 sec

Set 3
• Burpee 2x punch add on- 30 secs
• DB swing- 1 min each side
• Weighted star jumps- 30 sec

Repeat until you can’t go anymore!