Sleep During HeatwaveHow to Sleep During a Heatwave. Photo: Chris Thompson (Unsplash)

Infographic: How to Sleep During a Heatwave

There's nothing more British than moaning about the rain for 11 months before complaining about a stifling heatwave on the rare occasion this fair Isle experiences one.

And with the UK in the midst of the longest heatwave in 20 years, it's certainly caught a few of us on the hop, with sweaty offices and clammy public transport becoming the nationwide gripe of the moment.

To make matters worse there's little respite at night, as many of us restlessly toss and turn amid a stifling evening temperature, leaving us bleary-eyed and grouchy and wondering when that blessed rain may return.

Thankfully, in this new infographic from Sleepy People, we bring you the best tips on how to beat the heat and get a better night's kip...


Infographic: How to Sleep During a Heatwave