Football's RIchest InvestorsFootball's RIchest Investors. Photo: Mpho Mojapelo (Unsplash)

Infographic: Football's Richest Investors

Ever dreamed of investing in your favourite football club?

Well, unless you're giving hedge funds a run for their money with your returns, you might want to think again.

A new infographic from shows that even the smallest investment needed to own a club numbers in the hundred of millions, while Roman Abramovich's £2bn investment shows the dizzying figures required to see real success, with his Chelsea side topping this list along with this season's Premier League.

Meanwhile Swansea win fan kudos for a community-led scheme that allowed a supporters' trust to buy a stake in the club, with "just" £70k needed to get involved.

See the infographic below for all the info:

SBO Infographic

SBO Infographic