Warren BuffettTrader Digest: Warren Buffett's first tax return & job-killing robots. Photo: thetaxhaven (Flickr). https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Trader Digest: Warren Buffett's First Tax Return & Job-Killing Robots

This week's Trader Digest features job-killing robots, Warren Buffett's first ever tax return, and how Millennials are set to cash in over the next few years...

Reading List

Just 10% of trading is regular stock picking, JPMorgan estimates
In an article that will either shock you or simply reinforce what you were already beginning to realise, CNBC report on a new piece of analysis from JP Morgan that suggests that the days of the human trader are numbered, stating that "fundamental discretionary traders" now account for only about 10 percent of trading volume in stocks. Dare you read it here...

Is Your Job About To Disappear? QuickTake
Just to prove it's not simply traders that are at risk of a robot revolution, Bloomberg's quick take focuses on the other hundreds of jobs at serious risk of total automation, featuring their ever-innovative infographics and meticulous research.

Warren Buffett Just Released His First Tax Return — and It's Amazing
It's fair to say that Warren Buffett did not appreciate Donald Trump's ill-founded jibe about massive tax deductions last year, with the Berkshire Hathaway boss stating that he had all of his 72 tax returns since beginning work at the age of 14. And this week, to prove his point, he released his first ever tax return from his teenage years as a paperboy. And it makes fascinating reading over at Time Money.

Trader Interview: Jack Schwager, Market Wizards Author
In our exclusive write-up of this Jack Schwager interview with Aaron Fifield from Chat With Traders Episode 27, Schwager provides insight into his lifetime involvement with markets, including some of the key lessons he learnt first-hand from interviewing many of the world’s greatest traders…

Pod Chats: Jack Schwager on Market Wizards

Competition: The Money Formula
Entered our new competition yet? We've one of five copies of The Money Formula to giveaway, details below...


What to Watch

How to trade stocks for a living: Mike Bellafiore
In this illuminating video and article over at Yahoo Finance, Mike Bellafiore runs through the nine key steps required to be a successful trader - the first of which is to read plenty about the markets and trading - another good reason to keep an eye out for Trader Digest every week!

For the Headphones

Millennials: the global guardians of capital
Monocle 24: The Bulletin with UBS
A new UBS white paper is the topic of discussion on this week's Monocle Radio Bulletin, charting the extraordinary wealth transfer that is to define Millennials in the coming years.

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