TokyoTrader Digest: Morning Routines, Tokyo Crypto & Animated Dalio. Photo: George Kedenburg (Unsplash)

Trader Digest: Morning Routines, Tokyo Crypto & Animated Dalio

This week’s Trader Digest finds out the morning routines of the world's most successful people, the Tokyo crypto exchange proving to be a trader's magnet, and a new medium for Ray Dalio's famed Principles...

Reading List

The Secret Reason You’re Not a Morning Person
"The popular blog My Morning Routine is now a book. Here’s what we learned from reading it." Bloomberg

Fed’s Mester Says Improved Economic Outlook Supports More Rate Rises
“Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland President Loretta Mester said Monday that a shifting outlook for the economy may mean the central bank has to raise rates more than she once expected." WSJ

The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code
"Bill Benter did the impossible: He wrote an algorithm that couldn’t lose at the track. Close to a billion dollars later, he tells his story for the first time." Bloomberg

Quirky Crypto: 5 of the Most Bizarre Cryptocurrencies Trading Toda
"Cryptocurrencies trading exploded in 2017 and there is now a huge range of these to invest in. Our sample of five shows just how varied and bizarre this new financial world is…"

Quirky Crypto: 5 of the Most Bizarre Cryptocurrencies Trading Today

Desperate bank traders take pay cut to join latest craze
"Traders today face two main problems: they are becoming increasingly expendable and their exit opportunities are limited. One potential solution appears to be emerging, however. If, of course, you are willing to roll the dice and potentially take a cut. Traders and bankers young and even old have started to flock to a cryptocurrency exchange that is expanding internationally at a near-unheard of level." eFinancialCareers

Robinhood, With No-Fee Trading App, Sees Valuation Soar To $5.6 Billion
"Robinhood, which offers a free trading service, confirmed a new funding round on Thursday that quadruples its valuation to $5.6 billion and makes it one of the most richly-valued startups in the country." Forbes

What to Watch

Principles for Success
"In his new animated series, Principles for Success, Ray Dalio takes you on a thought-provoking adventure to help you understand his principles--and how to create your own. In Episode 1, he discusses how to find your pull in life and figure out how to make your journey go well." YouTube

For the Headphones

Mr Trading Psychology; Dr Brett Steenbarger Interview
"Dr. Brett Steenbarger serves up a superb mix of Knowledge Bombs and F Bombs while providing must listen thoughts and pointers for traders at all levels." Two Blokes Trading

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