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Trader Digest: Buffett Ends Investment Drought

This week in Trader Digest we’re looking at the permanent changes that Covid-19 has caused on our economic policies, as well as Warren Buffet's first investment since the pandemic hit, and why life's current lemons is making one Lemonade soar...


‘So Unstable and So Volatile’: Oil Crash Crushes Individual Investors, Prompts Trading Overhaul
‘For decades, regular people didn’t trade commodities. But electronic trading and new investment products prompted amateur investors to start buying and selling oil.’ THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

ECB’s Villeroy Says Pandemic Forces Permanent Policy Changes
‘The coronavirus pandemic has permanently changed European economic policy, locking in a more extensive set of monetary tools and forcing the creation of a powerful joint fiscal plan, according to European Central Bank policy maker Francois Villeroy de Galhau.’ BLOOMBERG

Lemonade Stock Soars Over 100% on First Day of Trading, But When Will it Post a Profit?
‘Shares of Lemonade, an online insurance company backed by SoftBank, have surged more than 100% since the company went public on Thursday, pricing its IPO at $29 per share.’ FORBES

Buffett’s Berkshire Ends Deal Drought With Dominion Bet
‘Warren Buffett finally found his next crisis-era deal.’ BLOOMBERG

Stock Exchanges Group Blasts Plans to Trim Trading Hours
‘An influential lobby group representing 36 stock exchanges in Europe has dismissed calls for a shorter trading day.’ FINANCIAL NEWS LONDON

Kanye West Says He’s Running for President, Twitter Explodes
‘Kanye West says he’s running for president. It’s not clear if the musician is serious, or if this is a publicity stunt for himself or a project unrelated to the presidency.’ BLOOMBERG


The Scandal of Millions of Americans Deprived of Running Water
‘Guardian US environmental justice reporter Nina Lakhani tells Anushka Asthana about her water crisis investigation, which looked into why running water is becoming unaffordable for millions of Americans across the US.’ THE GUARDIAN

Boris the Builder and the UK’s Offer to Hong Kong
‘The FT politics podcast has relaunched as 'Payne's Politics' and in this first episode presenter Sebastian Payne and his guests analyse Boris Johnson's plan to get his government back on track and radically reform Whitehall.’ FINANCIAL TIMES


‘Created by Jesse Armstrong and starring Brian Cox, Succession is a bitingly funny drama following a family dynasty's disintegration when their patriarch refuses to name a successor.’ SKY

The Taking of Pelham 123
‘Dispatcher Denzel Washington must avert disaster when hijacker John Travolta holds up a subway train. Action-packed thriller.’ SKY
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