Doettling Focus LineDoettling Focus Line Safe

Introducing: Döttling Focus Line

So you've been ticking the latest gadgets, cool watches and more off your Trader Toy wish list - now you just need somewhere to keep them. Your valuables have a new home, and it looks like something straight out of a Bond film.

Created by German locksmiths Döttling, the Focus Line safe is modular and completely customisable so you can kit it out with storage for whatever valuables you want to store. Choose from drawers, watch holders, bracelet rolls, shelving and more compartments to create a custom-made safe with space for everything you need.

It's available in three different sizes (so it'll suit all stages of Trader wish list completion) and fulfills the VdS/EN class N security requirements (meaning it's near-impossible to break into). And it'll withstand temperatures of up to almost 2,000 degree Fahrenheit for up to an hour, so you know it's made of tough stuff.

It's available in a selection of colours and trims (including chrome and gold) and is available now from