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Trader Digest: Corbyn as PM, Happy Danes & Apocalypse 2050

TraderLife's Trader Digest brings together everything you should be reading, watching and listening to this week.

Reading List

"Surge in betting on Jeremy Corbyn to become prime minister after he promises four extra bank holidays"
Could Jeremy Corbyn really be the UK's next Prime Minister? According to the Independent his chances are a lot better now he's promised everyone four extra days holiday...

"Tories to beat Labour in Wales for first time in a century, poll shows"
Oh. Seems The Independent have swiftly changed their tune.

"Here’s What Analysts Are Saying About the First Round of French Elections"
So we now know it's going to be Le Pen vs Macron in the final round of the French Elections. Here's what Bloomberg's analysts have to say about what the first round results suggest we can expect in two weeks...

"Scientists think we all may be dead by 2050"
Undoubtedly winning the prize of cheery story of the week, the indy100 are reporting that scientists, including Professor Stephen Hawking, believe the human race will meet its end in just over 30 years time if the rate of AI advancement continues. Read this hearty tale here...

"Denmark has the best work-life balance. Here’s why"
Are you spending too long at your trading desk? Then you need to take a leaf out of the Danes' book, who according to the new OECD Quality of Life Report, have the best work-life balance in the world. Read more at World Economic Forum...

What to Watch

Billions, Season 2.
Continues every Tuesday on Sky Atlantic

If you're not already watching this gripping show about a fierce duel between maverick hedge fund boss Bobby Axelrod and US Attorney Chuck Rhoades, then you really are missing out. We'll have a feature in our culture section coming up in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, catch up here.

For the Headphones

Tactics for better decision making, with Michael Mauboussin
Chat with Traders podcast, episode 121
Michael’s a Managing Director and Head of Global Financial Strategies at Credit Suisse. He’s also a professor of finance at Columbia Business School, and the author of several books, such as; The Success Equation and More Than You Know. Listen here.