Introducing: Google's Flying Car

"Your flying dreams will never be the same", boldly proclaims the Kitty Hawk strapline.

Which is reassuring really, given our flying dreams usually involve a lot of falling down stairs. But enough about our night terrors, for we're talking about Silicon Valley's new pet project, the flying car.

Google co-founder Larry Page is backing one such project, the aforementioned Kitty Hawk, who are ambitiously aiming to have their product into production by the end of 2017.

As you can see from the video, it's not exactly something you've seen the Jetsons in, but it's impressive all the same. Although we're not quite sure what we're meant to call it - plane? car? flyer? awesome-hover-thingy? - it has already been approved to operate in "uncongested areas" of the US, which probably explains why the video released above seems to be over a private lake in the middle of nowhere.

Interestingly, users will not require a pilot's license - no doubt another reason the testing involves flying just 15 feet above water.

Quite whether flying cars will be hovering above our heads any time soon is up for debate, but with the likes of Google and also Airbus involved in a variety of similar projects, expect at least the debate to be had in the coming years.

Meanwhile, the likes of Kitty Hawk are expected to "take off" (sorry) by initially targeting the leisure and recreational market, so if you've got a serene lake near you that you're desperate to disturb, you can become a Kitty Hawk member art