Introducing: Vaya Office Chair

Given how much time you spend sat in it, there’s little doubt that your office chair is up there with the most important bits of kit a trader will own.

And the Vaya Office Chair is no ordinary desk chair. It was designed by none other than Ken Okuyama, the award-winning designer behind the Ferrari Enzo, the current generation Maserati and the new Porsche 911. So you can bring a little bit of your favourite supercars inside your trading office.

After all, why wouldn't you want to feel a little bit like an F1 driver when you sit down at your trading desk each morning?

Available in limited edition Azure, Racing Red or Alabaster, the Vaya Office Chair comes signed by the designer and will definitely turn heads.

And it's not just good looking - it also claims to be the most comfortable chair in the world. It's built to adapt to each user with a shock-absorbing backrest, a fully adjustable headrest and the ability to adjust almost every aspect of the chair to find your perfect trading position and boost energy and focus.

If you want to give your trading office a supercar touch, the Vaya Office Chair is available exclusively from The limited edition model will set you back $6,000.