Work/life balanceInfographic: Europe's Best Countries for Work/Life Balance. Photo: Charles Koh (Unsplash)

Infographic: Europe's Best Countries for Work/Life Balance

Traders may have a reputation for working hard and playing hard, but when it comes to a work/life balance, which country has got it down to a tee?

A recent study by TotallyMoney listed the top 10 countries with the best work/life balance, comparing metrics such as average hours worked per day in comparison to time devoted to leisure and personal care.

You can see the full results for yourself in the infographic below, but there's no question that it appears that Northern Europe is the place to be to get the best work/life balance, with Denmark coming out as the top scorer for happiness, with 32.9 hours working and 15.9 hours devoted to leisure, with Sweden (working longer but with three more bank holidays a year) and the Netherlands (lowest number of hours worked) coming in not far behind...

View the infographic below (click to enlarge)

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