Coffee Gadgets Every Trader Should Have in Their Office

If you're dependent on your morning caffeine fix to get your trading day off to a good start, consider this essential reading.

To celebrate our love of coffee, we've rounded up all the best coffee gadgets to make getting your morning cup of joe ready quicker, easier and cooler - from a coffee machine that remembers exactly how and when you like your coffee to a tap for caffeine on demand...

Smarter Coffee Machine

Smarter Coffee Machine

Smarter Coffee Machine

The Smarter Coffee Machine syncs to an app so it can do wonderful things like wake you up when your first caffeine dose of the day is ready, let you know when the machine has run out of beans and even send you a note when you get home (or arrive at the office) to ask if you'd like it to make a fresh pot.

When you need a mid-morning cuppa, all you have to do is send it a notification and it'll jump straight to it - and here's the cleverest part. It remembers exactly how weak or strong you like your coffee, and if you sync it with Apple's HomeKit wearable device, it will even track your sleeping patterns and automatically make you a stronger cup if it senses you've had a rough night.

Genius, is all we can say.

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USB Travel Mug

USB Travel Mug

USB Heated Mug

Have you ever made yourself a fresh cup of coffee and settled down at your desk ready to enjoy, only to find yourself lost in the charts for half an hour before you take the first sip - at which point, your fresh, hot cup of coffee is now stone cold?

No problem - there's a quick fix for that. Plug this dual heated travel mug into your computer and it'll keep your coffee nice and hot until you have a moment to enjoy it (looking extremely smug while your colleagues get up to refresh their lukewarm cuppas is highly recommended).

It also comes with an adaptor for your car's cigarette lighter, perfect for long journeys or keeping your coffee hot on your morning commute.

The Dual Heated Travel Mug is available now for $12.99




Okay, we may be stretching it a bit by calling this coffee machine/alarm clock duo an office essential. Unless of course you're prone to falling asleep at your desk, which we know plenty of traders are...

The Barisieur is an alarm clock with a built in coffee machine, and looks like something out of Dexter's Laboratory, which can only be a good thing. The idea is that the machine will start to brew your coffee when it's almost time for you to wake up, so that you wake up to the sound of stainless steel ball bearings boiling the water for your cuppa and the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans, rather than the shrill bleep of your alarm clock.

And the best part is, your cup of coffee will be ready to enjoy right their on your bedside table. So you don't even have to leave your bed to get your first dose of caffeine.

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If you like your espresso on-the-go, or you don't have room in your office for clunky oversized coffee machines, this could be just the thing.

The miniature portable espresso machine is small enough to fit in your bag or briefcase, and weighs in at just 360 grams so you literally can take it anywhere. It even has a built in espresso cup and scoop so you don't have to worry about forgetting its accessories.

Even if you don't need one for day-to-day in the office, it's definitely a must-have for all of next summer's camping trips, trading on-the-go and even just those days when you just can't be bothered to walk to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee...

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Scanomat Top Brewer

Top Brewer

TopBrewer Coffee Tap

And last but not least is the TopBrewer Coffee Tap, a serious investment in coffee and only for the most dedicated of caffeine addicts. It's a stainless steel tap, designed to be built into any tabletop for coffee on demand. Just sync it with your tablet or smartphone to tell it how you'd like your coffee and it'll produce the perfect cup in seconds.

The coffee tap even has a built-in milk foamer for cappuccino or latte fans, and in addition to your coffee of choice, it'll dispense ice cold water and juice, or hot water when you fancy a cup of tea. And the best part is it cleans itself automatically throughout the coffee cycle, so no more office debates over whose turn it is to empty out the coffee machine.

It's a pretty hefty investment at around $15,000 - but hey, if you're seriously committed to your morning coffee, maybe it's worth it?

Find out more and order your TopBrewer here

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