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Trader Digest: Covid-19 Six Months On

This week in Trader Digest we’re looking at how the world is coping six months on from the initial outbreak of Covid-19. Goldman Sachs also warns that the approval of a vaccine could upend the markets and Michelle Obama has a new podcast...


Wirecard Implosion Tears Through European Banks’ Bottom Lines
‘Wirecard AG’s spectacular collapse is leaving a gaping hole in the income statements of its European banks.’ BLOOMBERG

Arctic Sea Ice Shrank to Record Lows in July
‘Ice covering the Arctic Ocean reached the lowest level since at least 1979 for July as temperatures spiked in the region, leaving large stretches of Russia’s Siberian coast mostly ice-free.’ BLOOMBERG

Goldman Says Covid-19 Vaccine Approval Could Upend Markets
‘Investors should consider the risk of a successful coronavirus vaccine unsettling markets by sparking a sell-off in bonds and rotation out of technology into cyclical stocks, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’ BLOOMBERG


The Michelle Obama Podcast is High Production and Real Talk
‘The former First Lady’s first guest is her husband, in a new thoughtful and optimistic podcast’ FINANCIAL TIMES

There’s No Going Back To Pre-Covid Capitalism
‘In light of the massive disruption to the economy, there’s a widespread view that things have been permanently altered, that fiscal policy must take a more active role in economic stabilization, and that the job of central banks will inevitably change.’ BLOOMBERG

How the World is Coping with Coronavirus, Six Months On
‘It’s six months since Covid-19 was registered as an urgent threat, and although the panic at the scenarios that filled imaginations in those first weeks – of millions of imminent deaths, medical systems buckling and food supplies running scarce – has largely abated, the virus has not.’ THE GUARDIAN


Beirut: Anatomy of a Lethal Explosion
'The explosion in a warehouse in Beirut ripped through a city known for both a heyday of glamour, and a history of civil war.' BBC IPLAYER