International DrinksInfographic: 19 International Drinks You've Never Heard Of. Photo: Lemsipmatt (Flickr).

Infographic: 19 International Drinks You've Never Heard Of

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do", the old saying goes. But rather than proposing to build roads, install efficient plumbing or engage in general Amphitheatre-based tomfoolery, this phrase is now most used to encourage having a drink of the local grog whenever you find yourself abroad.

And we couldn't agree more with the sentiment, which is why our latest favourite infographic, put together by, lists 19 local drinks you should consider trying the next time you're on holiday or travelling for work. But forget about Greece's Ouzo, French Pastis or Italy's Grappa, for these are the "secret" drinks you may not have heard about and aren't often mentioned in the guidebooks.

So whether it's knocking back a Maltese Hanini, Germany's feisty 44% Krauterlikor or the cashew-inspired Feni of India, make a note of the below infographic on the 19 International Drinks You've Never Heard Of and be sure to get in touch when you give them a shot.

A word of advice though, you might want to save trying these until after the market close...

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