business gamblesInfographic: 10 Riskiest Business Gambles of All Time. Photo: Daniel Dionne (Flickr)

Infographic: 10 Riskiest Business Gambles of All Time

The similarities between running a successful business and becoming a successful trader are understandably vast, with the traits to succeed in both often overlapping.

But if there is one trait that appears to underpin success in both fields, it's the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. Even when (or especially when) that means taking a risk. For those who do so invariably follow the route to financial and personal gain. Those who misjudge it, fall short.

New research from highlights the fine margins perfectly, with this new infographic (and we do love an infographic at TraderLife - check out plenty more here) highlighting five of the riskiest business decisions that won big - and five that lost billions. Check out the infographic below for more...