Ostrich EggOstrich Egg

Best Easter Eggs & Treats of 2017

Purely in the interests of research (of course), we've been eating our way through all this year's Easter eggs and treats to find the best for you (it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it).

From the most egg-stravant to the most unusual, we reckon these are the most egg-cellent (sorry) of this year's Easter treats...

The Eggs-tra Big Egg

Hotel Chocolat The Dark Ostrich Egg

Bigger isn’t always better. Except when it comes to Easter eggs (or chocolate in general, really).

Then it’s definitely better – and the Ostrich Egg from Hotel Chocolat is probably the biggest and most intense Easter egg on the market this year. Packing over 1kg of salted 70% dark chocolate into the extra-thick egg with 27 chocolates stuffed inside (including pralines, caramels, tipsy truffles and more), there's definitely plenty to share. There’s no better way to overdose on chocolate this Easter...

The Dark Ostrich Egg will set you back £75 - get yours here.

The Boozy Eggs

Fortnum and Mason Crème de la Cream Eggs

Our top pick for grown-ups only this year are these works of art from Fortnum and Mason.

Abstractly hand painted and almost too beautiful to eat (but not quite), this quartet is made up of two milk chocolate eggs filled with strawberry and champagne cream and two dark chocolate eggs packed with Buck's Fizz fondant. Each cream is made from Fortnum and Mason's own champagne and they come presented in an iconic blue F&M box, making them a perfectly decadent grown-up Easter gift. Much too good for the kids...

The Crème de la Cream Eggs are £16.95 and available here.

The Fairytale Egg

Artisan du Chocolat Balloon Egg

This hot-air balloon Easter egg creation will impress children and adults alike.

The unusually flavoured balloon is made up of passion fruit white chocolate marbled with milk choc, finished off with edible sweet lace strings (think the strawberry laces you loved as a kid).

And in case that isn't enough of a treat, there's a mini Easter egg hunt hidden inside the packaging. You'll have to be quick - it's a race to find the out-of-the-ordinary flavours (ranging from ginger coulis to banana nutmeg) before someone else snaffles your favourites...

The Balloon Egg costs £24.99 - get your hands on one here.

The Guinness-infused one

Guinness Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Celebrate Easter and a belated St. Patrick's Day with this Guinness egg created in collaboration with Irish chocolatiers Lir.

The luxury dark chocolate egg comes with eight white and dark chocolate truffles filled with a creamy Guinness-flavoured ganache, making it a great gift for anyone who's a fan of the dark stuff.

Definitely one for adults only...

The Guinness Egg costs £19.99 and is available from Selfridges.

The Nutty Egg

Marks & Spencer Fruit and Nut Lattice Egg

It's not just an Easter egg, it's an M&S Easter egg...

Every spring, M&S bring out a range of much-hyped Easter eggs, and our fave pick from them this year is this show-stopping giant lattice egg packed with pistachios, salted hazelnuts, almonds, raisins and sour cherries.

With all that fruit and all those nuts, this Easter egg must be practically good for us, right? One of our five a day and all that? Well, either way it's definitely one of the tastiest eggs on offer this year.

The Fruit and Nut Lattice Egg costs £12 and is available from M&S stores (but be quick).

The Golden Egg

Waitrose Heston Golden Chocolate Egg

Giving the M&S offerings a run for their money in the supermarket Easter egg battle is Waitrose's Golden Egg.

Part of celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal's range, this dark chocolate egg is covered in a shimmering edible gold dust.

And because there's always more to a Heston creation than meets the eye, hidden inside are a handful of mini eggs filled with mandarin ganache and tucked in a nest of vanilla straw.

The Heston Golden Chocolate Egg is priced at £20.00 and available to order here.

The Work of Art Egg

Harrods Artisan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

If the Easter egg showdown was judged purely on looks, this Harrods creation would win hands-down.

The artisan chocolate shell is hand-painted in pastel colours and is a bit of a work of art in itself. It's filled with miniature eggs painted in a matching pattern and made of smooth gianduja chocolates.

It's not the cheapest egg you'll find this year and for the price, there are probably better tasting Easter treats on offer. But in the design stakes, this one is a definite winner.

The Harrods Artisan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg costs £39.95 from Harrods.

The Egg Sandwich

Hotel Chocolat Caramel Easter Egg Sandwich 

The famous egg sandwich gets a chocolatey caramel twist in this Hotel Chocolat creation.

Using 3D technology, the designers have copied slices of granary bread and recreated them in caramel chocolate sandwiched together with caramel chocolate eggs. It even comes in a takeaway sandwich box making it a quirky addition to your Easter weekend picnics (if it lasts that long).

The best thing since sliced bread? Maybe...

The Hotel Chocolat Caramel Easter Egg Sandwich costs £10 (or buy 3 for £9 each) and is available to order here.