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Trader Digest: Panorama, Marathon Records & the New Breed of Trader

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Reading List

“A new breed of trader is threatening the Wall Street establishment”
Business Insider UK discuss the “electronification” of Wall Street, and how the more tech-savvy traders will be the ones smiling in an industry going through swathes of change. Read it here

"AI researchers are training their systems to master steadily more complex fantasy worlds."
As if you didn’t know already, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of trading and, well, pretty much everything else too. But if you wondered why humanity was bothering to deploy such stunning technology on something as frivlous as video games, then this Bloomberg article describes exactly why Mario, Angry Birds and Pokeman are actually key for AI advancement.

“Nike's Breaking2 marathon project is heading to Monza in May”
If you’re thinking of breaking out those trainers now that there are a few more hours of sun on an evening, then the ever-ambitious Nike team have come up with a stunning ambition that should inspire to do exactly that. Wired go into the details of the American brand’s efforts to break the two-hour barrier for running a marathon, featuring a host of world class runners. But why Monza exactly? Find out here.

On the Box

Panoroma: The Big Bank Fix
BBC One, Tuesday 11th April, 9pm

Following the acquittal of two former Barclay's traders last week, Panorama asks if the right people are being blamed for what has been called the biggest financial fix of all time. Piecing together explosive new evidence, which calls into question the safety of other convictions, Panorama reporter Andy Verity reveals that manipulation of the world's most important interest rate, Libor, was allowed and even ordered by people at the highest levels of the financial establishment.

If you miss it on Tuesday, you can watch it on BBC iPlayer catch up here.

On the Airwaves

"What hand traders can learn from system traders, and vice versa w/ Adam Grimes"
Chat with Traders Podcast, Episode 115
Trading author Adam Grimes joins host Aaron Fifield to explore some of the things discretionary traders can adapt from quantitative traders and what things can quants take from those who rely on discretion. Listen here

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