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9 More Trading Podcasts Every Trader Should Listen To

Some time ago, we put together a list of the 8 podcasts we recommended all traders should tune into.

8 Trading Podcasts Every Trader Should Listen To

The post proved a popular one - it turns out traders certainly do like to listen to trader tales and tips in their spare time. Yet such is the nature of social media, it wasn't long before we were being inundated with feedback (mostly friendly. Mostly...) suggesting some podcasts that we omitted from our original list.

So we're back with more, some based on the feedback we received, and some based on more podcasts we've encountered ourselves. Read them below, listed in alphabetical order...

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Desire to Trade

Listen to Desire to Trade Podcast

"Forex trading while travelling the world" is the enticing promise provided by this pod, hosted by Canadian swing trader Etienne Crete. Along with providing his own FX tips, Etienne welcomes a variety of guests from the trading world. If you're the sort of trader who experiences pangs of wanderlust, this is the one for you.

Sample listen:

96: Trading While Traveling & Professional Futures Trading Tips – George Papasov
"In episode 96 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I sit down for an interview series with George Papasov, a professional futures trader who spent a considerable amount of time trading while traveling these past months." Listen here.

Exchanges at Goldman Sachs

Listen to Exchanges Podcast

From Goldman Sachs (obviously), this podcast gives key players from across the world famous firm the chance to share their insights on developments shaping markets, industries and the global economy.

Sample listen:

Episode 91: Oil investing enters the "age of restraint"
"The oil and natural gas investment cycle is entering an “age of restraint,” according to a newly published report from Goldman Sachs Research. In this episode, we sit down with Michele Della Vigna, Commodity Equity business unit leader in EMEA, to understand what this means for the sector. “The period of restraint is a period where fear around long-term demand distraction from decarbonization and electric vehicles is forcing the industry to really rationalize its capital investment,” Della Vigna says." Listen here.

Futures Radio Show

Listen to Futures Radio Show

Hosted by 18-year futures veteran and CME member Anthony Crudele, Futures Radio is a weekly talk show that sees the ex-pit trader talk with traders, CEOs, and other high-profile market influencers about trading and investing insight.

Sample listen:

EP: 183 Bridging the Gap Between Futures & Crypto Traders
Guest Michael Unetich, VP of Cryptocurrencies at Trading Technologies, discusses his background in Cryptos & Futures Trading, the benefits of having Bitcoin & Bitcoin Futures on the same platform, and the growth of Bitcoin Futures. Listen here.

Invest Like the Best

Listen to Invest Like the Best

From the website, and described as an "ongoing investigation into stocks, markets, investing strategies, and ways of thinking", host Patrick O'Shaughnessy seeks guests - from inside and outside of finance - whose stories will help you better invest your time and your money. Named as one of the Wall Street Journal's five podcasts to listen to, it's had over 3m downloads since it began in 2016.

Sample listen:

Ep.44 – Ten Lessons From Almost One Year of Podcasting
"I have now been doing this for almost one year, and have learned a tremendous amount. Since the whole idea behind the show is to learn in public, I am going to share a few of the lessons I’ve learned with you today. I’ll shape it as a top ten list, which ends with a fun story about my recent dinner with Warren Buffett." Listen here.

Macro Voices

Listen to Macro Voices

Billed as the "talk radio for sophisticated investors", the man behind Macro Voices is Erik Townsend, a retired software entrepreneur turned hedge fund manager. The weekly financial podcast targets professional finance and high net worth investors, so one to tune in to if you want an alternative to the retail approach.

Sample listen:

372 - Rick Rule: Natural Resource Investing
Erik Townsend welcomes Rick Rule to MacroVoices to discuss investing in natural resources, using top down macro in resource investing, rare earths and lithium, and what resources investors should focus on. Listen here.

Rule Breaker Investing

Listen to Rule Breaker Investing

The well-respected David Gardner, co-founder of The Motley Fool, presents Rule Breaker Investing, a weekly look at the most innovative and disruptive publicly traded companies, outlining how Gardner looks to profit from them by following his own investing principles.

Sample listen:

5 Stocks I Own That You Should Too
"We’re back to the stock-picking well in our ongoing “5 Stocks…” series. Today David dips not only into the Supernova Universe for inspiration, but into his own personal portfolio." Listen here.

The Traders Podcast: Rob Booker

Listen to The Traders Podcast

Described as a podcast "about living better and trading more profitably", the numbers speak for themselves with Rob Booker's long-running pod. Two episodes a week since 2011 means he's now produced over 600 episodes and is on course to surpass two million downloads.

Sample listen:

Episode 524: How to Properly Prepare for a Day of Trading
"If you are looking to revamp your morning routine listen to what Rob does. It boils down to getting your mind, your charts and your accountability in place. What is the big deal about accountability? It’s huge. Nobody is completely private with their trades. Everybody, even Warren Buffet, shares with at least someone. And it might not be for the reason you think." Listen here.


Listen to Unchained podcast

"Big ideas from the worlds of blockchain and cryptocurrency" is the tagline for this podcast, hosted by Laura Shin, senior editor at Forbes. Big name entrepreneurs, technologists, investors and thinkers sit down for an interview on the hottest topic in finance, with the aim of educating listeners on how blockchain will come to change the way we earn, spend and invest.

Sample listen:

Ep.61 - Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken, on Drawing a Line With Regulators
"Jesse Powell, CEO of crypto asset exchange Kraken, explains why he publicly rejected then-Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's request for information from crypto exchanges, why he felt it was a publicity stunt and why Kraken, which stopped serving New York customers after New York's Bitlicense was introduced, doesn't see the market as a top priority." Listen here.

Wall Street Unplugged

Listen to Wall Street Unplugged

Market analyst and Stocks expert Frank Curzio has been hosting Wall Street Unplugged for ten years. Curzio taps his network of industry insiders, from hedge fund managers to stock analysts, CEOs to leading economists, with the show regularly ranked as the most listened to financial podcast on iTunes.

Sample listen:

The Blockchain Is Here… and Its Potential Is Astounding
"I’m so excited to bring on analyst Barry Cohen to talk all things cryptocurrency and blockchain. Barry explains how these technologies work, how you can secure cryptocurrencies safely and easily, how the regulatory landscape is going to change, and more." Listen here.

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