Facebook DataTrader Digest: Facebook Data, Digital Trading Noise & Wall Street's Most Secretive Firm. Photo: Isriya Paireepairit (Flickr)

Trader Digest: Facebook Data, Digital Trading Noise & Wall Street's Most Secretive Firm

This week’s Trader Digest unearths Wall Street's most secretive firm, discusses how to replace "buzz" in the world of digital trading, and explains how to stop Facebook mining your data...

Reading List

Millennial Investors Felt ‘Excitement’ During Stock Selloff
"As markets sank into the first 10 percent correction in two years, millennial investors were hardly frightened and in fact were more enthralled by the drama than their older peers. According to a survey by Bankrate.com, 19 percent of those aged 18 to 37 reported “feelings of excitement” during the selloff, compared with 8 percent for Generation X and 4 percent for Baby Boomers." Bloomberg

One of the Most Secretive Firms on Wall Street has been Trading Bitcoin
“Jane Street has over 600 employees and facilitates $13 billion in equity trading volumes a day" Business Insider

Businesses Respond Positively to Transition Deal: Brexit Update
"Business leaders will welcome the announcement of a provisional agreement on an implementation period and congratulate the U.K. government for heeding the call of business and making it a priority early on" Bloomberg Politics

How to Sense Market ‘Buzz’ on the Virtual Trading Floor
"Throught history, people have traded, but they have done so face-to-face, in physical encounters, until quite recently, with the emergence of technology and the internet. This meant that psychology was also in play, as dealers analysed the mental state of others, when trying to figure out trading strategy." City AM

Rogue Traders: Kweku Adoboli
"No-one in finance ever realises how close they are to the imaginary, transitory red line until they cross it and get smashed in the face."

Rogue Traders: Kweku Adoboli

What to Watch

How to stop your Facebook friends from giving away your data
"Worried about how Cambridge Analytica got ahold of the Facebook data of millions of people? Your friends could be the ones who unknowingly gave it away. Here's how to fix it." Business Insider

For the Headphones

Why trading powerhouse, DRW, is directing profits into venture capital with Kimberly Trautmann
"Kim and I talk about; why companies seek venture capital, how investment opportunities are assessed and valued, thoughts on risk/reward. Plus, why the firm has a keen interest in companies innovating with blockchain technology (and ICO’s!)" Chat With Traders

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