Harvey SpecterTrader Digest: Guffipedia, Superyachts & Harvey Spector. Photo: Suits Season 7, USA Network

Trader Digest: Guffipedia, Superyachts & Harvey Specter

This week's Trader Digest features a hilarious Guffipedia of corporate speak, the city of superyachts and the return of Harvey Spector...

Reading List

IMF lowers UK GDP forecast to 1.7% amid Brexit uncertainty
More Brexit-related chatter as the FT brings the news that the IMF has downgraded its forecast for Britain's economy following what they describe as "tepid" recent performance, expected to be outperformed by the Eurozone.

"Vox populi risk events" was the latest entry into Lucy Kellaway’s brilliant dictionary of "business jargon and corporate nonsense", which if you have't come across before you should certainly check out at the Financial Times. It'll give you a clearer line of sight so that you can realign your business-speak and raise the bar.

The city that makes the most expensive boats in the world
Described as "the most expensive toy in the world", 370 superyachts were sold last year for a collective total of over £3bn. That's one of the startling facts that this article from the BBC's Life of Luxury series mentions as it shines a light on the Italian seaside resort that builds a fifth of the world's super toys, Viareggio.

Robert Kubica to test 2017 Renault in Hungary next week
If you're looking for a story to inspire you at the start of a new week then look no further than this from BBC Sport, describing Robert Kubica's unlikely return to an F1 car following a crash in 2011 that left him with serious injuries to his right leg, arm and hand. Six years later, and Renault have announced that he will begin driving for the team again, beginning in testing in Hungary in August.

Traders Join Olympian in Epic NOMAN Ocean Rowing Race
In fact, we're brimming with inspirational tales this week, as we also have the story of the traders who are joining Olympic gold medallist Alex Gregory to put themselves through the gruelling task of rowing for 70 non-stop hours on the Balearic Sea, and all to raise money and awareness for the NOMAN Is An Island campaign. Read about their fantastic efforts below:

Traders Join Olympian in Epic NOMAN Ocean Rowing Race

What to Watch

Suits Season 7
Amazon Prime & Netflix
Any fans of Harvey Specter's quips, Mike Ross's film quotes and Louis Litt's exuberance will be delighted to know that season 7 of the award-winning Suits has now arrived, and the first two episodes are available to watch on both Amazon Prime and Netflix. It's time to get Litt Up! See the trailer below.

For the Headphones

Interview with Jimmy Soni & Rob Goodman
Trend Following Radio
Michael Covel's Trend Following Radio podcast has recently clocked in over 6m listens over 500+ episodes. Covel is renowned for interviewing a vast variety of guests to provide an alternative view on the markets, and episode 571 is no different as he interviews Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman, authors of “A Mind at Play: How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age.” In it they discuss Shannon's influence and touch on the topics of information theory, turning complex into simplicity and dealing with critics and competitors.

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