Photo: Mathew Schwartz (Unsplash)

Trader Digest: Investors Hoarding Gold, Bitcoin and... Whisky

In this week’s Trader Digest we find out more about an eagerly-awaited fintech IPO, hear about the doubts surrounding the US voting system, and discover that traders are turning to whisky for more than just a hangover…


The Frontrunner in the 'World Series of Trading' is Up 4000% so Far
‘A trader has managed to secure over 4,000% profit in less than three weeks as part of the World Series of Trading, or WSOT — a competition hosted by leverage crypto trading exchange, Bybit.’ COINTELEGRAPH

Investors Hoard Gold, Bitcoin and Whisky to Soothe Inflation Fear
‘One lunchtime in 2009, as the U.S. Federal Reserve started purchasing Treasuries in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, Richard Hodges stepped out of his office to buy his first gold bar in the City of London.’ BLOOMBERG

Navy SEAL Trader at Jefferies Helped Expose Hedge Fund Scandal
‘He was a Navy SEAL, before becoming a trader. Then someone messed with him.’ BLOOMBERG

How Zeynep Tufekci Keeps Getting the Big Things Right
‘Dr. Tufekci, a computer programmer who became a sociologist, sounded an early alarm on the need for protective masks. It wasn’t the first time she was right about something big.’ NEW YORK TIMES

Ant’s IPO Is Set to Make Group of Elite Insiders Very Rich
‘It’s the hottest fintech in the world and it’s poised to go public in the coming months, unlocking vast riches for early investors and employees.’ BLOOMBERG

Increase Your Profit Potential with Margin Trading
‘Spot trading is a popular way for investors to access the crypto market in a straightforward manner. It’s mainly fiat-to-crypto trading, as well as crypto-to-crypto trading.’ BITCOIN.COM


Investigating ‘the Doubts’ About the US Presidential Election
‘Rumours about the US presidential election abound: is voting by mail secure, can Donald Trump postpone it, will the United States Postal Service be able to deliver ballots in time.’ FINANCIAL TIMES

The Father of CMBS Says We’re In ‘Uncharted Territory’
‘There are some sectors of the real estate market, such as suburban residential housing, that are doing just fine throughout this crisis. However, other areas are facing true existential risk.’ BLOOMBERG


Manctopia: Billion Pound Property Boom
'Meet the people living and working in the eye of Manchester’s remarkable housing boom.' BBC iPLAYER