Theresa MayUK Election aftermath dominates this week's Trader Digest. Photo: Avaaz (Flickr).

Trader Digest: May Day, May-Hem & DisMay

Our weekly selection of what we think you'll enjoy reading, watching and listening to, comes in the shape of our Trader Digest.

No prizes for guessing what subject dominates this week, though we've done our best to throw in some non-election based content too...

Reading List

"Theresa May’s failed gamble"
Following the shock outcome of last week's UK election, The Economist does its best to analyse the fallout - including those who stand to gain as well as struggle in the coming weeks.

"U.K. Consumer Spending Drops for First Time in Four Years"
As if Theresa May needed any more reason to regret her decision to call a snap election, it turns out that it's also being blamed for a slowdown in consumer spending and the services sector, as reports Bloomberg.

"Putin is selling his $1 million watch, and it's one of the rarest and most expensive in the world"
Yahoo Finance focus on the watch that Russian President Vladimir Putin is selling at this July's Monaco Legend Auctions. Want to know what makes the Patek Philippe 5208P worth so much? Find out here.

"Trader Health: Ten Minute Recipes"
Monday is World Meat Free Day, so if you want to join in with the meat blackout, and all in less than ten minutes, check out our breakfast & lunch recipe suggestions, including strawberry salad! (Don't worry meat lovers, head straight to the dinner section...)

Trader Health: Ten-Minute Recipes

"The Great Whisky Distillery Challenge"
Last month on TraderLife we brought you the great story of Blair Bowman's challenge to visit over 50 whisky distilleries in one day, all in aid of the Just A Drop charity. Well the good news is not only did he complete it, but it raised over £10k in the process. Read about what the money will go towards here.

What to Watch

The U.K.'s 'Hung Parliament' and What it Means for Brexit
Yet more post-election analysis, this time in video form as Bloomberg's market experts neatly summarise what the hung parliament will mean for the Brexit negotiations.

Testing Mattresses with Warren Buffett
Now this is what we call a bromance. Bill Gates makes it an annual tradition to head to the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders weekend in Omaha. But not because he is on the board of directors, instead it's to "goof off" with the one and only Warren Buffett. This year they ended up larking around in a furniture store. As you do.

This rogue trader lost £350 million but found trading big numbers as boring as 'sorting tomatoes'
Business Insider
Rogue trader Alexis Stenfors is plugging his new book, which means he’s cropping up here then and everywhere. That doesn’t make his story any less interesting however, and Business Insider have an interview with him here.

For the Headphones

Election Aftermatch: May-Hem
BBC Five Live
The Beeb are continuing with their daily podcasts covering the election thanks to the ever-excellent John Pienaar, which also gives them a chance to test out every single Theresa May pun ever heard.

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