Trader Digest: The Worst Market Crash Since 2008. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Trader Digest: The Worst Market Crash Since 2008

This week has been all about one thing, and that’s the stock market facing its biggest fall since the global financial crisis in 2008.

Still, we are not far away from the coronavirus in our headlines as the virus spreads the markets suffer. Here’s what we’ve been reading to stay on top of these volatile times.


Another Volatile Trading Week Awaits in the Age of Coronavirus
‘A virus-stricken ship, with more than 3,500 on board, prepares to dock in California. Saudi Arabia unleashes all-out war on the price of oil. Italy announces a lockdown around Milan, the nation’s economic engine. Wall Street analysts worry about signs of distress in the corporate funding markets.’ Bloomberg

Dow futures down over 1,200 points as oil-price plunge sends shock waves through global markets
‘U.S. stock-index futures were down sharply Monday, falling their daily limit, as fears of an oil price war between OPEC and Russia sent crude futures plunging, sending shock waves through global financial markets already shaken by the spread of COVID-19.’ Market Watch

Wall Street Traders Are Tethered to the Desk With Virus Arriving
‘It’s a familiar refrain on busy Wall Street trading days: I’m stuck at the desk. Now it’s taking on new meanings.’ Bloomberg

UK and US stock markets suffer worst day since 2008 – as it happened
'Britain’s stock market has suffered its worst day since the 2008 financial crisis, as shares plunge worldwide amid fears of a global downturn' The Guardian


Is Britain prepared for a mass outbreak of the coronavirus?
'The government’s action plan for tackling a major outbreak of the coronavirus envisages the country close to a war footing, with schools closing, public gatherings cancelled and up to a fifth of the workforce off sick.' The Guardian


Just a quick peek at the Futures market