quantTrader Digest: Quant on Quant, the Big Short 2 & Tales from the Crypto. Photo: CafeCredit.com (Flickr). https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Trader Digest: Quant on Quant, the Big Short 2 & Tales from the Crypto

This week's Trader Digest sees quants being used to choose quants, a real-life sequel for the Big Short, and why cryptocurrencies can no longer be ignored...

Reading List

Quant on quant: Picking winners in the era of machine investing
As the proliferation of quant funds continues apace - quantitative strategies have beaten their human counterparts three of the past four years - Bloomberg are reporting that the next natural step of progression has arrived, an independent research service for investors who want to invest solely in funds employing quantitative models. And how will this research service work? Well, by using quants, of course...

10 Billionaires With Surprisingly Frugal Money Habits
Chess master Charles A. Jaffe once claimed that it's not your salary that makes you rich, it's your spending habits. So it should come as little surprise that actually quite a number of the world's wealthiest aren't always spending lavishly. Take Mark Zuckerberg's $30k car, or Bill Gates' $10 watch. Find out which businessman even cuts his own hair in this feature from Time Money...

The sequel to the global financial crisis is here
Some cheery reading from the Financial Times (subscription-required) to start the week, whose report says that high credit ratings have hidden a structural instability that could lead to a financial crisis akin to that of 2008. The fact that the feature image they use is from the film The Big Short tells you everything you need to know...

WTF is bitcoin cash and is it worth anything?
As the focus on cryptocurrency continues this article from Tech Crunch summarises the newest: BitCoin Cash. Here's what it means for investors and those trading in crypto...

How to Invest in Art and Make a Profit
Investment of another form now as last week we heard from James Nicholls, the curator at London's Maddox Gallery, as he imparted his considerable wisdom on the topic of investing in art, and how to make a profit from it. Read the feature below...

How to Invest in Art and Make a Profit

What to Watch

Workplace of the Future: The New Bloomberg London Building
If architectural innovation is your thing then make sure to check out this video outlining the stunning new Bloomberg HQ in London, in which Michael Bloomberg explains his vision and outlines why he didn't want to "do a Google" and include a canteen - ensuring his workers will actually leave the building and continue to invest in the economy at lunchtime.

For the Headphones

7 Reasons Why You Need to Pay Attention to Cryptocurrencies with Siam Kidd
Two Blokes Trading
If you remain in two minds about trading crypto (or are infact dead against it) then this episode of Two Blokes Trading is certainly worth a listen as Siam Kidd of the Realistic Trader gives a compelling list of why the crypto market can no longer be ignored. Listen here.

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