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TraderLife Guide To: Cameras

If you're in the mood for a new bit of tech, cameras are getting more impressive by the day. Gone are the days of cameras just plain taking photos - now, they can do everything from interact with your smartphone and automatically post to social media to filming sharks underwater.

We've got the scoop on all the latest cameras, from the newest GoPro releases to indestructible and self-powering cameras...

The GoPro competitor

They call it: Contour +2

The lowdown: GoPro cameras might be the talk of the town, but there are a bunch of less-hyped but equally impressive cameras that are quietly giving the big name a run for its money. Contour action cams were beat out by GoPro back in 2013 - but now they're back with a brand new range that's a sleeker, more slimline version of the famous action cameras - our favourite is the Contour +2.

The techy stuff: There's not much the Contour +2 doesn't do, with its Locking Instant On-Record switch, a Still Photo mode, 1080p video, a 270 degree rotating lens, laser alignment, mobile connectivity, GPS video mapping and live streaming. Oh, and it's waterproof.

We love: That it's easier on the eyes than the GoPro - without scrimping on functionality.

It costs: $299

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The one you can’t break

They call it: Ricoh WG-5 GPS

The lowdown: The Ricoh WG-5 is a (practically) indestructible compact digital camera. It’s waterproof, shock and pressure resistant, dustproof and won’t be affected by low temperatures. Ideal for traders with a hectic life and anyone who’s into outdoor adventures (or just a bit on the clumsy side…) And it has a sophisticated built-in GPS system so you won't get lost on your ventures into the wildness.

The techy stuff: The Ricoh WG-5 GPS is equipped with a 16 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor, 7.2x digital zoom, an anti-shake mode, full HD video, a built-in 70MB memory and a GPS function.

We love: That you can take it anywhere without worrying it’ll break. And the orange and black casing makes it look more like some kind of Action Man gadget than a camera.

It costs: £259.99

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The one that takes the perfect selfie

They call it: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX90V

The lowdown: The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX90V is one for busy traders who want to take seriously impressive, top-quality photographs on-the-go without hauling a hefty camera around. It’s petite and compact without skimping on a single feature or image quality - in fact, it's the smallest digital camera in the world to pack a 30x optical zoom lens.

The techy stuff: The small but mighty compact DSC-HX90V manages to cram in a back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor with 18.2 megapixels, a BIONZ X image processing engine, OLED Tru-Finder, built in GPS - oh, and it has a 180-degree LCD tilt for framing the perfect selfie (if that's what you're into).

 We love: The fact that it does just about everything you could ever want a camera to do – and very well at that.

It costs: £409.00

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The one you can throw around

They call it: Panono

The lowdown: The Panono is a revolutionary piece of tech: if you like to be ahead of the crowd when it comes to gadgets, you need one of these. It'll definitely be a talking point in the office. It’s a ball-shaped camera about the size of a tennis ball that can capture a complete spherical image when you throw it up in the air.

The techy stuff: The 11-cm ball-shaped camera contains 36 cameras to capture panoramic images at 108 megapixels and can store about 400 shots. It sends an instant preview to your mobile device and also has a built-in indicator to tell you whether the light conditions are sufficient to produce a good quality image – so no more wasting time taking 10 photos in darkness.

We love: The fact that it’s different from any other camera out there and how impressive the panoramic shots look: you can take a look at some examples here.

 It costs: €599

Get it from: This one is pre-order only: get your orders in here.

The smart one

They call it: Samsung NX3000

The lowdown: The Samsung Smart Camera is packed full of features like a flip display to help you take the perfect selfie, and full smartphone compatibility allowing you to use your camera and smart phone as a home monitor and AutoShare, which allows you to save photos to your smartphone as you take them.

The techy stuff: You’ve got a CMOS sensor with 20.3 megapixel images, image stabilization and distortion correct, a range of effects including cool, calm, classic and custom, full high quality video recording, an edit function and wireless connectivity.

We love: That it acts smart and looks smart, with a vintage-looking leather effect casing in white, black or brown.

It costs: £269.97

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The one with a life of its own

They call it: Sun & Cloud

The lowdown: Ever found yourself with a dead camera battery at the worst time? Enter the Sun & Cloud, the world’s first “self-generation” digital camera capable of shooting both video and stills. There’s a solar panel and a hand crank to allow you to manually charge the camera if sunlight is in short supply – and if that sounds too much effort, you can also charge it the old-fashioned USB way.

The techy stuff: A 3 megapixel CMOS sensor, auto exposure, fifteen different image filters, three shooting modes (normal, portrait and macro), up to 16GB of memory and an LED light for shooting in the dark. And did we mention it’s solar powered?

We love: The slightly bizarre but definitely unique boxy shape and the range of charging options to suit all circumstances and weather conditions. And it’s the world’s first self-powering digital camera, and we always like to own a “world first”.

It costs: $200

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The new GoPro

They call it: GoPro Hero 4

The lowdown: We couldn’t write a feature on cameras and not include the GoPro, the source of some of the most amazing images and viral videos on the web. GoPro cameras come with mounts for everything from your cycle helmet to your dog, allowing to capture amazing photographs and videos handsfree.

The techy stuff: The GoPro Hero 4 features a SuperView video mode that offers immersive wide-angle recording, allowing you to capture more of your surroundings. Photo resolution is an impressive 12MP and the continuous photo mode allows you to continuously capture a series of photos for up to 30 seconds. It supports up to 64GB of memory with the right memory card and Protune technology will make your videos look like professional productions with customizable settings.

We love: The convenience. The GoPro allows you to take photos or record videos literally anywhere with the relevant ‘mount’, including mounts for sportsmen, dogs, mic stands, surfboards, harnesses and head straps, helmets and your wrist. Never miss a moment.

It costs: $399

Buy it from: The GoPro Shop.